How Stylists Can Boost Their Well-Being

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"Balance" is the word, with beauty pros preaching the necessity for this attribute in their professional and personal lives. And they’re not wrong. Just ask Beauty Launchpad editorial advisor and industry educator Dawn Bradley (@dawnbradleyhair). “We often come to this industry because we love caring for people and making them feel good­—so much so that we oftentimes stop caring for ourselves in the process,” says Bradley. “Saying ‘no’ to a client feels like we are rejecting them, and we don’t want to upset them.

“If you truly want to care for people in the long run, you must take care of yourself,” Bradley continues. “You can’t care for others if you’re burnt out, overwhelmed, resentful or ‘out of love’ with what you do. If taking care of yourself seems selfish, look at it as the ultimate way you are able to continue to take care of others.”

Fortunately, it seems the tide is changing for the better, as an increasing amount of stylists are taking the time for self-care (flip to page 14); becoming more efficient with their services to maximize time spent behind the chair (see page 21); and setting boundaries at work when it comes to client no-shows (turn to page 17).

Have you mastered the art of work-life balance? If you have, tell me—and the rest of the stylist community—all about it. Shoot me a DM on IG (@beautylaunchpad), and our team may share your words of wisdom on our page for other pros to see. When we help uplift one another, we elevate the entire professional beauty industry.

Be Well

Here, a few things I turn to that help boost my sense of well-being.


My friend recently reacquainted me with the magic of mixing my favorite essential oils together to achieve my perfect blend. Now, I start each day by dabbing my blend onto my wrists and sometimes behind my ears, and I swear, it’s a mood uplifter. Young Living ( offers a variety of scents to choose from.

The Mirror

I was one of those pandemic-induced quarantine folks that invested in home workout equipment while the gyms were closed. And while I’d always been a bit of a gym rat, now that I have The Mirror (, I don’t plan on going back. It has given me almost an hour’s worth more of time each day that I would have spent commuting to/from and getting ready for the gym. Plus, I get a variety of solid workouts in!

Goodreads App

I’m an avid reader, but don’t have the time to devote to an in-person book club where I can engage in discussion about my chosen novels—an act I find both exhilarating and therapeutic. Turning to the Goodreads ( app, and participating in literary discourse via this medium with fellow readers, fills this void.

Calm App

I listen to Calm ( before bed to unwind after busy days. It has meditation mantras, soothing stories, and even a Kids segment that actually helps my seven-year-old go to bed each night—there’s no greater endorsement than that.

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