Setting Goals And Getting Your Salon Back On Track

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Intentions, whether they be personal or professional, are often hard to keep. When the best-laid plans start feeling like a burden, it’s easy to get hung up on what’s not being accomplished, rather than keeping your eyes on the larger target prize. Two industry experts share advice on how to most effectively make resolutions, then head back in the right direction if things veer off course.


Want to set or tweak your yearly goal? “We can dedicate intentions tomorrow, or on any given Tuesday,” says Larisa Love (@larisadoll), Joico global brand ambassador and owner of Larisa Love Salon in Studio City, California. “Ultimately, it’s about how hard you’re willing to work to get there.” Remember, it’s an evolving process. “This year I made some of my loftiest goals, but without the pressure of an unbreakable deadline, because—as we know all too well by now—life happens and things change,” says Elizabeth Faye (@heyelizabethfaye), educator and owner of Elizabeth Faye Salon in Saint George, Utah. Big-picture targets can feel overwhelming, so break action plans into bite-size nuggets comprising the daily steps needed to secure success. “For example, if the overarching resolution is to become a six-figure stylist, tangible actions might include learning to understand financial numbers, refining clientele to charge a premium for only doing services you love, and instituting no-show or cancellation policies,” shares Faye. Throughout the process, check back in to be sure the intention is still bringing you joy.


Lofty resolutions are achieved through consistent, daily commitment. If you’re not where you want to be, don’t panic. “Set another working deadline,” suggests Love. “I know from my own experience that without a time frame, goals are merely dreams I one day aspire to attain.” If something isn’t working, take a different tactic. “Through trial and error, I’ve accomplished objectives that initially felt out of reach and now, with hindsight, seem much simpler,” says Love. Ask for aid or hire help if you can’t do it alone. Hard work and sacrifice are de rigueur when it comes to tackling challenging projects, but don’t forget to give yourself a break. “Not all beauty pros work the same way,” says Love. “It might take you longer than it takes another stylist, and that’s alright—just keep pushing and stay motivated.” In the end, the journey matters. “I haven’t yet accomplished all my goals, but I’m working on them piece by piece,” says Faye. “After all, victory takes time.”

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