Your Professional Beauty Biz Needs to Embrace Social Media ASAP

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Too often people refuse to adapt and evolve, becoming too comfortable remaining stagnant in their careers as beauty professionals. These stylists are quick to dismiss digital forums they are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with, such as Instagram, and remain blind to the fact that this outlet is a free tool that can be utilized to further advance your profession. Don’t be that stylist!

I’m not saying that you can’t be successful if you don’t have Facebook, Instagram, etc. But think of the growth in audience, clients and opportunities you will attract once you become available on these platforms. Social media has evolved quickly; what was once used as an outlet to connect with friends and family has now evolved into a near-essential platform for many businesses to reach both potential clients as well as keep their current customers informed.

Now if you already have your social media profiles set up for your business and are struggling with what to upload, it may be because you feel uninspired. Sometimes we need a refresher in our field to motivate us and give that little push of purpose. Try to remember the reason why you’re in this profession in the first place. Surround yourself with other professionals who you emulate. Scroll the pages of stylists whose work you admire. Just remember: While it’s essential to get inspired by the amazing talent around you, don’t start comparing yourself—that includes your artistry and your followers—to others. The biggest mistake we can make is focusing too much on what others are doing instead of working toward bettering our own work. Start uploading content that inspires you, whatever that may be. Maintain that momentum of positivity. Remain consistent and set days and reminders on your calendar to make sure you upload often. From there, you’ll grow both in your comfort level with posting, as well as your content itself. My hope is that you view social media as a valuable business asset that you also enjoy.

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