Salon Business Boosting Tips

Alyson Osterman-Kerr; courtesy of 901 Salon and Beauty Coach
Alyson Osterman-Kerr; courtesy of 901 Salon and Beauty Coach

I asked members of Beauty Launchpad’s editorial advisory board to provide business-boosting tips. Here are their responses:

“It’s all about experience in 2021—creating a safe and relaxing place for our guests. The easiest way to level up guests’ experience is at the shampoo bowl. Add in a hot towel warmer for their shampoo experience and spend an extra five to 10 minutes on their relaxation journey. Trust me, they’ll enjoy this so much that they’ll spread the word to their friends.”

J Ladner@itsmrjladner, stylist, educator and Oligo Professionnel digital creative director

“An important aspect of business-building is to have a vision of the goals you want to achieve and then take one step to move forward toward that goal—even if it’s just a small and slow one. Having any type of momentum is key if you want to stay focused! Strive to meet whatever your individual timeline may be, and enjoy the process of growing and learning new things. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need direction on what to do next.”

Larisa Love@larisadoll, salon owner, educator and Joico ambassador

“Diversify your client portfolio and strengthen your skills. Step out of your comfort zone and take on a client with a different type of hair texture than what you’re typically accustomed to. If you usually do straight hair take on a client that has curly hair, and vice versa.”

Aymen Eldabli@mohesco, salon owner and Blonde Solutions CEO

“Take the time to pinpoint who your perfect target clients are and create content that speaks directly to them. Use your social platforms and share content that is educational, engaging, and truly authentic to who you are and the value you provide.”

Nina Tulio @ninatulio, salon business consultant, speaker and educator

“Make sure to stay on top of your social media. If you’re making price adjustments or offering new services with the new year, broadcast that so you can reach both existing and potential clients.”

Josh, @Guy_Tang #MyDentity educator and Olaplex advocate

“To build a strong business as an owner you must understand that you are the foundation. You have to be the hardest-working person in the salon in order to maintain a strong team.”

Kevin Nguyen@yakuzabarber, barbershop owner and WAHL Professional educator

“Don’t operate from a place of fear or scarcity. I did this for way too long in my business: working late, coming in on my day off, emotional discounts…I did it because I was scared that if I didn’t, my business would crumble. When I finally decided to change my mentality, my business actually grew!”

Dawn Bradley@dawnbradleyhair, industry speaker and educator

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