Keya Neal to Host Education Event for Textured Hair

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On Monday, August 31, 2020, Keya Neal (@keyaartistically) will host the digital education event, repHAIRations.

The event, which is sponsored by Wella, will provide “the advanced, textured hair coloring education that is typically hard to find.”

The Details

  • The event will feature education seminars hosted by Black and White artists and educators, Wella’s top artists among them, covering how to cut, color, care and style all hair types—defined as “fabric,” not by texture or race.
  • Each ticket purchased will award a complimentary ticket to a person of color. 
  • All the proceeds will be donated to Until Freedom, Catrice Jackson’s Harriet’s Dream and The Black Student Relief Fund.

According to Wella, sponsoring repHAIRations is one part of a bigger diversity effort that the company initiated earlier this summer. 

Neal is the founder of Kolour Kulture, the catalyst for the Texture Vs. Race movement—a movement designed to empower industry hair professionals with confidence, knowledge and skill sets to overcome fears related to servicing clients with hair textures different from their own.

The movement wants to bring attention to the silent segregation that plagues our salons. “It is time for all of us to do what we can to repair our industry and serve reparations to the community that has been under-served and underrepresented,” said Neal. "The purpose of this event is to bring healing and repair to a damaged industry. We at Texture Vs. Race are on a mission to elevate the industry through education for all hairdressers about all textures." 

“While there is no shortage of “straight hair education,” there is a shortage of this education reaching the black community. Our intention is to educate the black/brown community at the same rate that we are educating the white market. We must level the playing field for all stylists. Cross-pollination of education is required to repair this broken system. We all must continue to evolve, as our industry is forever changed. Through the racial uprising, we have unearthed the divide that exists in the beauty industry and it is time to close this gap. It is time to repair and rebuild- better, stronger and more united.”

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