5 Hair Pros Share How They're Moving Forward Amid COVID-19

Artistic Team Member: Daisy Henson (@curlyhairdaze)
Artistic Team Member: Daisy Henson (@curlyhairdaze)

The professional beauty industry has been deeply impacted by COVID-19; however, it is hard to keep an industry full of passionate artists down for long.

What was the top task on most post-lockdown to-do lists? Making a hair appointmenta. The rush back to salons speaks to the influence hair professionals have over the lives of their clients.

The world has changed, and clients need self-care and self-confidence more than ever. Pros should embrace this time of uncertainty and provide top-notch service their clients can rely on.  

Here, five Cosmo Prof Artistic Team members share what is new for the beauty supplier during this pivotal time in the pro beauty industry.   

How are you moving forward in your field during the pandemic?

Adv + Web Presley HeadshotArtistic Team Member Presley Poe (@presleypoe): This pandemic has taught me a lot about what is truly important in life and salon practice. I have gone from being double-booked with an assistant to singularly book without an assistant. I have never cleaned so much but I am into the PPE, it genuinely serves my OCD and has just become a daily part of my life.  Wearing a mask has not been the most comfortable thing but we are very close to people all day and I like knowing that my clients are safer. It is not the worst thing to know your clients are not smelling the turkey sandwich you just had for lunch either. 

Adv + Web Keon Headshot

Artistic Team Member: Keon Washington (@keonthebarber): One thing I am personally doing is taking advantage of all the online education possible to further my own skill sets during the quarantine. I am practicing being better at areas and with types of hair that I am not accustomed to as well as learning new techniques and methods, while additionally building my knowledge of the things I already know in order to provide better classes and curriculums for those who will learn from me in the future.  

I have also been studying more and more to increase my product knowledge for sanitation and disinfectant to better provide a safe environment for myself and my clients. With Cosmo Prof now having PPE readily available as much as possible I am keeping masks for clients, disinfectants and other necessities ready on hand to aid me in that. 

Aug Web Daisy HeadshotArtistic Team Member:  Daisy Henson (@curlyhairdaze): Covid-19 was a huge hit to my business, but I have pivoted my business by providing Virtual Curly Cuts and Virtual Consultations during the pandemic. The Virtual Curly Cut is a complete step by step haircut and I direct the client on where and how much to cut using video conferencing. My virtual consultations include product recommendations and an assessment of the prospective client’s curls to see if a virtual cut will work for them. The interest in these services has been surprising and my virtual clients have been from all around the world (Middle East, Europe, Africa). These services have been so well received that clients are asking if I will offer them even after my salon reopens - and yes, I most definitely will! In the meantime, I am stocking up on PPE from Cosmo Prof for when I do reopen. I never thought I would be buying face masks from Cosmo Prof! But… this is the new normal.

During this time, I have also been taking advantage of participating in online education such as Cosmo Prof’s Webinar series. That has been great since so many of us, as stylists, do not usually have a lot of time to take classes. This is a great way to share as well as expand in my skillset and increase creativity!

Jon Carlos Head Shot (1)Artistic Team Member: Jon Carlos Delacruz (@joncarlosdelacruz)Virtual consultations have helped tremendously in speeding up the consultation process. It helps get the vibe you are working with before your client visits you in the salon space. It is important to stay updated on rules, regulations, and precautions to ensure you are keeping both you and your guests safe. I allow only one client per stylist at a time and our salon requires a face mask for both myself and my clients. Our temperatures are taken at the door before entering and stations have been moved 6ft apart with barriers in between to protect everyone. All areas and tools are disinfected and sanitized like clockwork before and after every client.  Gloves and masks are always on.

Aug Web Amelia HeadshotArtistic Team Member: Amelia Fugitt (@ameliahairandmakeup): The pandemic has caused a huge shift in our industry. Fortunately, cosmetologists are well versed in the importance and practice of proper sanitation to ensure safety. 

We have consultations by text message to make sure we have enough time booked for each guest especially because we are not double-booking. Many clients are coming in with a lot more grow-out than usual because of quarantine, so we want to make sure to book accordingly. 

To maintain the cleanest environment possible for my guests, I use a virucide spray to wipe down all surfaces and tools. There is hand sanitizer available at my station for my guests and me to consistently use. 

How is Cosmo Prof supporting stylists, particularly during the pandemic?

Daisy Henson: During the pandemic, Cosmo Prof has offered stylists a lot of different ways to get products while at the same time making it quick, safe, and easy. I appreciate the Curbside Pickup option personally, but their many ways to shop such as placing orders online, same-day delivery for only $5 and through a direct shopping consultant make it convenient to get what I need to prepare for whatever the day brings. 

Jon Carlos DelacruzCosmo Prof has created a helpful checklist of things to ensure a smooth transition back to the salon, including supplies to stock up on and great tips and tricks. Each week they’re sharing information on their site to offer digital training and business planning from the Cosmo Prof team and brand partners. This helps members to continue learning from the safety of their own homes.

Amelia Fugitt: I am proud to work for a company that has provided so much support for our industry during these times. Cosmo Prof has made sure we have everything we need and continues to provide us with up to date information regarding safety procedures and regulations, while also inspiring and educating us. I am proud to be licensed to create!


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