7 Instagram Hair Posts To Share With Your Clients Today

Virgin Hair Vs Black Box Dye

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to discussing hair color with your client this adage couldn't be closer to the truth. It's easy to forget that what is common knowledge in the salon isn't in the outside world (even though it should be!). So it's unfair to expect your client to know that they can't go months without retouching, or that products bought in a drug store are different than those bought at the salon (after all, they're often the same brands!)—unless you explain the reasons behind it. In the interest of helping you to educate your clients to the max, we've rounded up seven posts for you to save and improve your consultations and clients' long-term hair goals. 

1. Why She Needs Low Lights
Telling a blonde that you're adding low lights into her hair can make her panic. After all, most blondes only want to be blonder! But @suetyrrellstylist's post shows how much more blonde (and on-trend) hair looks when you create contrast in the hair. "When adding dark into a light palette it creates depth, dimension and contrast," she explains in her post. In other words, you can't have lightness without dark, and by adding in strategic low lights, the hair appears blonder by comparison. 

2. Why She Can't Go Blonde In One Session
Every stylist worth their salt has been there: A client wants a dramatic color change in one sitting because she's seen it done on Instagram hundreds of times. Unfortunately, what many of these viral dramatic before-and-afters don't show is either how long they really took or the fact that the before was virgin hair. In any event, a color correction can be tricky at best and traumatic at worst—especially when there's black box dye involved. @monsterlocks' dramatic visual perfectly illustrates the fact that previously darkened hair (especially if done in the privacy of their own home) is notoriously difficult to lighten, and it probably ain't gonna happen in one session. "It's not the stylist's fault," he writes, "we are limited to the canvas you bring us." By showing this visual to your client, you should be able to drive your point home. 


This is a pretty dramatic visual, isn't it?! @monsterlocks breaks it down #beautylaunchpad • LET'S TALK ABOUT BLACK BOX DYE . . . One of the most common color corrections is removing black box dye. DO NOT expect to be blonde after 1 session! It will not happen and it's not the stylist's fault, we are limited to the canvas you bring us. I started lifting the black with #blondor by @wellahair and @olaplex. I let it sit in foil for about an hour. I then lifted her natural level 6 and let it all sit for another 30 minutes. I was able to leave the bleach in her hair this long because of #olaplex and only using 20 vol developer. You CAN get rid of the black dye completely, but it will take few sessions, a couple of hundred $'s and losing some length. Trust the process & your stylist, and you will get the results you want! . . . . . . . . . . . #saloninspo #hairtransformation #hairdressermagic #hairtrends #hairtips #hairlove #coolhair #hairartist #hairproduct #haircolorist #hairpainting #hairinspo #haireducator #haireducation #colorcorrection #haircolor #hairdye #blackboxdye #salonlife #stylistlife #hairdresserlife #hairstylistlife #salonproblems #stylistproblems #hairdresserproblems #hairstylistproblems

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3. Why You're Charging What You're Charging 
Another common misconception among the general public is that hair transformations don't have to take money. Of course this isn't the case—not only are the products you're using expensive, but your time is valuable too. That being said, in order to fight this mistaken belief, education is key. @jessdeehair is one of many stylists who have begun posting price breakdowns (thank you, @iamginabianca!) to show clients (and other stylists) why their pricing is what it is. In this example, her client had eight inches of regrowth and it took her four hours just to apply the foils alone. 


@jessdeehair breaks it down #beautylaunchpad • Wanted to share this one again since it seemed to spark so much debate. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ How could one service cost so much? Lemme start by reminding you that all these makeovers by big name stylists you see on YouTube, that shit costs a small FORTUNE. They just don’t tell you about it. But I digress... this beautiful Israeli hair took me four hours JUST to apply the foils. Do yous guys understand that when you have 90 lbs of hair and 8 inches of regrowth that that equates to an ASS TON of foils? you bet your bippy it does. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ This service took me a whole damn day, and was EXPENSIVE. On the upside, now that we reached the desired lightness on her mids and ends, that won’t need to be done again for quite some time. Now let’s break it down: ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Full head babylights/foilayage: 350⁣⁣ Extra color (4 bowls): 120⁣⁣ Olaplex (in 6 bowls): 120⁣⁣ Colormelt: 150⁣⁣ Much needed haircut: 75 ⁣⁣ Total: $815 ⁣⁣ Total time: 8 hours ⁣⁣

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But it can get tricky when discussing desired end goals and price. Sometimes a client is willing to sacrifice short-term goals to protect their hair health (or wallet)—and sometimes they don't even know that different options exist! This post from @lo_wheelerdavis shows how you can easily manage expectations and discuss pricing options for average blonding clients. 


Such a great visual for discussing pricing options with blonding clients! @lo_wheelerdavis #beautylaunchpad • I created this visual aid to help CLIENTS visualize the process & time frames attached with the average price points for blonding services! #hairLOdown _________________________________________________________ As you can see, the more of a budget and time the client invests - determines how fast they may be able to reach their goal. _________________________________________________________ For clients that want to go from BLACK to BLONDE- they may need 4-6 large appointments for the best results and healthiest hair. __________________________________________________________ For (“most”) clients, I recommend - 2 larger appts a year to get the over all result they want - and 4-6 maintenance appts thru-out the year to make the results last! Would you like more posts like these to share with your clients? Yah or Nah?

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4. Why It Is Better to Buy Products From You
Trust us when we say that no one outside of the beauty business has ever heard of the word "diversion." Clients shop like the rest of us: Searching for the best deal, period. However, some retailers both online and in real life sell salon products that are expired, diluted or entirely fake, and the average customer is none the wiser. This post from @nicoleoharehair perfectly illustrates the difference between a product purchased online vs. in salon. Show this post to clients who are spending hundreds in the salon but looking for cheap products online. After all, so often you get what you pay for. 


Trust me when I say this: Your clients DO NOT understand the difference between buying products online vs. in your salon. They have no idea what diversion is. They don’t understand distributors and they think all products are created equal. And they’re human—which means they’re gonna look for the best deal. We all do. Further adding to the confusion is that several brands have their own stores on Amazon, which can make it confusing. After all, how many average clients know the differences between various brands? That’s why this video from @nicoleoharehair is so powerful. Share it with your clients. Educate them on the reasons behind buying products from you as opposed to online or in discount/drug stores—and assure them it isn’t just for commission. Think of your own spending habits and then proceed with love #beautylaunchpad • Let’s talk about it.... I love me some Amazon, who doesn’t? It’s great for ordering socks, curling irons, coffee makers, whatever. As great as Amazon is, we all have heard of the fakes and knock offs that get sold on there. This is a cautionary tale of buying brand name bottles on Amazon. My sweet client today mentioned her blue shampoo was so runny and watery and didn’t work that well. After chatting for a while, she told me she had gotten the bottle from Amazon. She sent this video of a bottle of @oligopro she bought of Amazon to me. After seeing what it SHOULD look like, she grabbed the last bottle we had in the salon. I always recommend the Backlight Blue Shampoo, especially to all my bronde guests and those who like to stretch length in between appointments. It’s best to buy all your professional products through your stylist. It’s always going to be guaranteed and will always be the real deal. Great hair is an investment and the shampoo you wash it in is too!! . . . . . . #salonlife #stylistlife #hairdresserlife #hairstylistlife #salonproblems #stylistproblems #hairdresserproblems #hairstylistproblems #saloninspo #hairtransformation #hairdressermagic #hairtrends #hairlove #coolhair #hairartist #haircolorist #hairinspo #haireducator #haireducation #haircolor #hairproduct #hairdresser #hairstylist #productknowledge

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5. Why Regular Maintenance Is Key
For many clients, going blonde is pricey. Even if they don't have box color on their hair or require a huge transformation, there is cost in maintenance too. So while you may recommend 4-6 weeks in between appointments, they may hear money, money, money, and extend the time between visits even longer. But when you show them these posts from @hairbyfranco (Franco Hernandez) and @ultrafadebyrich (Rich), perhaps they'll adhere more to your recommendation and maybe even—gasp—prebook their next visit to you!
High-lift blondes require regular upkeep, and not just because they don't want unsightly regrowth. This post from Hernandez shows a client who went three months in between blonding sessions, and it's clear when she should have come in vs. when she did. What is also clear in the photo is the risk she is doing to her hair by waiting that long. "The more you postpone your appointments the more intensive it is for your colorist to achieve an even result," he writes, explaining that as the new growth travels further away from the scalp, the harder it is to lift, creating bands and risks to hair health. 


With great blonding comes great responsibility @hairbyfranco explains why it’s so important for high-lift blondes to come in for regular touch-ups #beautylaunchpad • Can we talk?, of the importance of keeping up on your platinum blonde desiresI was happy to capture this processing image of a guest that went 3 months past due for a lightner touch up . Many times we try to emphasize the importance of proper maintenance. I felt this image speaks for itselfThe more you postpone your appointments the more intensive it is for your colorist to achieve a even result. New growth within a 4-5 week period has the ability to lift better due to the warmth of your own scalp and the further away it grows creates bands and added applications, added product, additional time and charges are necessary. It can become corrective so before you decide to join the platinum blonde journey it’s good to understand what is entailed, the frequency needed of salon maintenance, the investment and at home care. This does vary from person to person as not all heads of hair are the same so a thorough consultation always sets the playing field. #loveyourhair #blondedohavemorefun by appointment

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What's more, says Rich, not all hair grows at the same rate, meaning that it's more difficult for a colorist to lighten hair because the line of regrowth isn't straight, and there's an increased risk of damage and breakage due to the chance of overlapping lightener on previously lightened hair. 



Knowledge is power—and you have to share your knowledge to empower others Just because you understand the difficulties that come with going too long in between color appointments does NOT mean the average client gets it @ultrafadebyrich offers a great visual to help you have this discussion with existing clients (to get them to prebook future appointments) as well as to potential color correction clients as to why it’s so difficult (and costly) to do a color correction service #beautylaunchpad • FAQ: What’s the difference between touching up 2 months regrowth and 6 months regrowth? @ultrafadebyrich . Answer: Generally, the longer the regrowth means the higher the risk of breakage . Why? • Your hair grows at different speeds • The longer you leave your regrowth, the more staggered it becomes • The red line marks the danger zone • There’s a chance of overlapping bleach on the danger zone during your next touch up service • This could result in your hair snapping at the red zone • The risk of breakage is highest when you have platinum blonde against dark regrowth • Always trust your stylist and listen to their advice . If you have been advised not to bleach anymore and to let your hair grow out, opt for a toning session to melt your regrowth in seamlessly with your ends. This just scratches the surface but I hope it’s helped you understand why regrowth is considered a colour correction and is actually so much harder than working with a fresh blank canvas

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