Colorist Zach Mesquit Answers Questions on Products and Color Tricks from Wella

Zach Mesquit Hair

Zach Mesquit crafts paler-than-the-moon hues that glow with beauty. The Wella Professionals North America chief blonding officer taps social media to share his platinum expertise with 257k-plus followers, and here he answers your queries about go-to products and color tricks.

How long do you typically process your clients’ roots for? —@bsweet.ta

It depends, but when it comes to bleach, typically 45 to 60 minutes.

When you use the Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect Color 12/0 on yourself, which developer do you use? —@jajike

I always mix it with 40-vol. and lift my Level 7 hair up to this color.

Do you ever get bored doing only blondes? —@theconfidentcolorist

Never! I don’t only do blondes, I just don’t post everything I do.

What are your top go-to blonde products for both coloring and at-home care? —@judy.coddington

My go-to lightener is Wella Professionals Blondor Multi-Blonde Powder and, as far as at-home care, I’m not too picky as long as it’s sulfate-free.

Do you always start in the back of the hair when coloring? Which volume do you start with and do you ever reapply? —@jodidoeshair

I actually always start in the front and I don’t reapply volume.

What was your biggest struggle when learning how to lighten hair evenly without breakage? —@salon_e

That low and slow gives the best results when lightening hair. Trying to speed up the process with high developer is a big no-no.

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[Image: Courtesy of Zach Mesquit]

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