ColorDesign Artists Anthony DeFalco and Adel Shaw Create Colorful Plumes

Brunette Colordesign

ColorDesign's latest look goes to the birds.

The peacock’s colorful plumes were the driving force behind this fresh creation from ColorDesign artists Anthony DeFalco and Adel Shaw. A rich brunette hue transforms into red at the tips—an eye-catching display that’s meant to command the attention of onlookers in much the same way as the peacock captivates its flock. Here, the duo shares how to achieve the striking design.

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Colordesign Brunette

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A 30g. Permanent 6.66 + 30g. 10-vol. Developer

B 10g. Permanent 7.62 + 10g. 1SV + 10g. Clear + 1g. 1SG + 31g. 10-vol. Developer

*Model had virgin Level 5 hair.

  1. 1) Section hair into three triangles, one on each front quadrant and one offset triangle in the center back. Lighten with 30g. SHINY BLOND + 45g. 20- vol. Developer (1:1.5).
  2. Combine a second mixture of Permanent 30g. 7.32 + 45g. 20- vol. Developer (1:1.5). Apply to the remaining hair and process for 45 minutes.
  3. Rinse with Reconstruction Shampoo, and then dry hair.
  4. In each of the previously lightened triangles, take 1⁄2” diagonal back subsections and apply alternating applications of Formulas A and B.
  5. Rinse each section separately to avoid color transfer.
  6. Apply Reconstruction Mask, rinse, and then style.

Colordesign Peacock ProductsKey Products

From left: ColorDesign Reconstruction Mask, Reconstruction Shampoo, 20-vol. Developer, and Permanent Color Tube.


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[Images: Courtesy of ColorDesign; Hair: Adel Shaw and Anthony DelFalco; Photographer: Victor Moreles; Makeup: Antonio Hernandez]


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