Stylist Gina Bianca's Tips for Avoiding Industry and Salon Burnout

Salon Burnout

If you feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends, you’re not alone: As stylists, going above and beyond feels like it’s in your job description. Not only are you on your feet from morning to night, shuffling between clients and services, but you’re also expected to act as trusted hair professional and acting therapist. To prevent the burnout that oftentimes comes with giving your all, stylist Gina Bianca prescribes the following must-follow tips.

Prioritize Yourself

You don’t have to be “a working machine” to be successful in the salon, explains Bianca. Instead, create boundaries and prioritize your needs. “Set your hours, separate work and personal time, and give yourself space to breathe. Everyone will be okay if you take care of yourself,” she says.

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Cut Off Problem Clients

There’s no reason to continue to accept a client that routinely causes you anxiety. “If you have a panic attack before a guest comes in, you need to terminate that relationship immediately,” notes Bianca. She recommends confronting the client directly and telling them the relationship isn’t working out on your end. To soften the blow, come to the conversation with a list of suggested referrals.

Gina Bianca HairSeek Out Inspiration

It’s easy to feel uninspired if you’re stuck in a routine that borders on a rut. To counteract the daily doldrums, “get to events, classes and workshops and into groups with people who are doing what you want to be doing,” she advises. Peer interactions can push your creativity and open you up to new and exciting ideas.

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Safeguard Your Salon

Vulnerability can hamper your confidence and your craft. Effectively prevent any undue fear and keep unwanted walk-ins to a minimum by updating your booking system. “Systems, processes and safeguards will help minimize anxiety at work,” Bianca points out.

Charge What Your Deserve 

“When guests beat you down or don’t value what you offer, you’ll quickly build resentment toward the industry,” Bianca says. Rather than heed their unwarranted call for a discount or stay stagnant in your pricing, recognize your worth and charge accordingly. Your pricing should be competitive, of course, but it should also match the hard work and the services you provide. And certainly don’t be afraid to ask for more when the time comes to raise your prices—you won’t lose the clients who believe in you; plus, you’ll up your motivation.


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