The Benefits of Yoga and Wellness for Salon Professionals

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Being a salon professional is not always easy on the body. You have clients back-to-back, you listen to their lives and play almost a Therapist role for them. You're holding hair dryers and hair tools for hours upon hours and standing on your feet for the entire day. It's bound to take a toll on your mind and body. 

Before starting Cuccio Somatology, I used to work as an Esthetician in the professional beauty world, so I know that it's extremely important to take time for yourself and to take care of your mind & body. When you do, you feel more energized, have fewer aches and pins, feel more present for your clients and just enjoy your work on a greater level. As I started to find my yoga practice, some nights after work, and then start teaching yoga because I fell in love with how it made me feel, I found that it helped me in ways I couldn't believe. I'm so happy to be able to share these wellness and yoga tips with you.
Here are some basic wellness tips and yoga stretches made specifically for salon professionals.



I always start my yoga sessions with setting an intention. Take five minutes to sit in a quiet space, close your eyes and breathe. Set an intention for your day.  Here are some simple examples: "I am calm."  "I have an abundance of energy for my day."  "I am filled with amazing energy and clients that I love being with." Setting an intention to start your day can make the world of a difference on the energy you bring into your day and how you will feel at the end when you get home. It will help you find more purpose, energy and calm before you even walk out the front door. 

GENTLE YOGA (Yoga Mat not required!)

  • Start in Child's Pose (Knees wide apart, big toes together, arms stretched out in front of you, tail bone relaxed down towards your heels).  Take 3 deep inhales & exhales through the nose.  
  • Cat/Cow:  On hands and knees (shoulders stacked on top of wrists and hips on top of knees), start to arch your spine gently while inhaling through the nose and on your exhale, round your spine, pulling the navel in towards your spine.  Do this 4-6 times, moving the neck around if it feels good, staying in one spot longer if you need to... Listen to your body.
  • If at work:  Use your client's chair as a tool!  Maybe not while they're sitting there, but in between clients, stand behind the chair and take 2-3 steps back, while extending your arms out on the chair.  With a flat back stretch out your spine and arms.  Breathe in and our through your nose ("Ujjayi Breath", known as yoga breathing).  




When you are feeling extra sore, tired and energy-depleted, Epsom Salt Baths can be extremely helpful to help reduce inflammation and give you that gentle mental break you deserve. Think of it like recharging your mind and body —not as an extra treat, but really as something that you need in order to function properly. I take baths daily and it’s an integral part of my wellness ritual. Makes the biggest difference!

These are just some basic go-tos to start your yoga and wellness journey - to learn more watch our full Facebook Live above or follow us at @cucciosomatology and @daniellecuccio.

-Danielle Cuccio

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