Five Ways to a Better Foilyage

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Nowadays, it seems that clients everywhere are requesting balayage services, the technique of open-air painting hair to give it a graduated, natural-looking effect. But not everyone is a perfect candidate for this technique. A client’s hair may be naturally very dark, or she may not want to wait several hours for her color to lift, for example. That’s where “foilyage” comes into play. 

“Foilyage is an amazing option for achieving that oh-so blended, painted look!” says Jamie Sea (@prettylittleombre), founder and creator of the online education platform Salt Society (@_saltsociety).The Redken Ambassador explains that this technique, which insulates painted hair in strips of foil, allows you to achieve a brighter effect than a traditional balayage application. “Traditional clay lightener can give you 3-5 levels of lift, but with a warm finish,” she explains. However, proper technique is key. “If not done correctly,” Sea warns, “things can get real ‘unblendy!’” Here are her five tips to achieving a perfect foilyage application.

1. Saturate smaller and/or thinner sections in a foil. This allows for even penetration.

2. Create points of brightness. This creates an organic blend and the transition lines don’t get splotchy or harsh.

3. Add a mist of water to allow for even porosity. This helps the product to glide easier, which helps create a beautiful blend.

4. Blend it to the max. “There is a huge difference between creating a traditional foil and a foilyage application,” says Sea. “This means, try avoiding harsh product placement and blend that product for that sweet, sweet blend!”

5. Don’t give up. “Find your groove, try different lighteners, different tools, and have fun!” encourages Sea. “Every artist has started from the beginning, so keep on pushing forward, learning, growing and mastering your techniques.”


[[Image: Instagram/@prettylittleombre]]

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