5 Key Questions Every Lash Tech Should Ask a New Client

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First-time lash extension clients often don’t know what they want or even how to explain what they want. For example, they tell you, “I want long lashes,” but the term “long” can be too vague. Or they say, “I want longer, thicker, fuller lashes, but I don’t want them to look fake.” How does one person’s “fake” relate to another? Still other clients point to celebrity photos, not knowing that the A-lister is wearing strip lashes. Not only can recreating this type of look be nearly impossible, but also it’s often not really what clients truly desire.

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The truth is: Both lash artist and client aren’t speaking the same lash language at that first extremely important meeting. In order to get on the same page, lash artists must become investigators: They need to ask the right questions, make observations and use professional judgment. What questions will net success with first-time clients? These five will help you determine what they really want.

1) What kind of mascara do you currently use and why do you like it?

This question allows you to determine what the client values: lengthening, thickening, curling or a combination of all three.

2) Do you ever use a lash curler?

This helps you determine if she’s satisfied with the curl of her natural lashes.

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3) Do you wear glasses or contacts?

What she wears for her vision needs can help you create a set of lashes that won’t get in the way. Follow up by asking: Do your lashes ever hit your glasses? Did you bring your glasses? Can you put them on for me? This way you can assess where her lashes end in relation to the lenses and frames.

4) What do you do for a living?

Figuring out her lifestyle helps with understanding what her daily habits will be.

5) Do you wear eye makeup? Follow up by asking: Do you like or wear winged eyeliner?

While no single question can magically reveal the perfect lash look, a skilled lashanista can draw good conclusions and make educated—and successful—guesses with these five questions to ensure the client leaves satisfied. 

Amy Young, master lash artist and owner, The Blink Boutique, Liberty Township, Ohio


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