5 Reasons Why Lash Artists Should Attend Trade Shows

Premiere Dayspa Tradeshow

If you’ve never attended a beauty trade show, you’re missing out. Why? Because trade shows offer you a way to network, further your education and learn about new products and trends, all in one setting. Though they can cost a pretty penny, you can offset the financial stress simply by attending. “If you spend anywhere from $50 to $85 to attend a show, but take away education that will not only help you see more clients in less time, but also teach you how to expand your business  or even add a new service, then that alone is more than enough reason to attend!” asserts Jill Kreppein, marketing and operations coordinator at Premiere Show Group. Here, she offers these five motivators for attending trade shows. 

  1. Try Before You Buy - Naturally, if you have the opportunity to use a product before you make a financial commitment, you’ll be able to tell whether it delivers on what you personally need to further your craft without any buyer’s remorse.

  2. Keep Ahead of Trends - Not only will you get to see not-yet-released products being demonstrated, but you can also learn from guest speakers and vendors about upcoming trends, which will set you apart as a trend leader in your area. 

  3. Expand Your Techniques - “Shows bring together many different manufacturers who in return provide a variety of educators to not only educate the industry on their product, but also to share their best tips, tricks and techniques,” says Kreppein. 

  4. Broaden Your Network - When you’re surrounded by likeminded people you tend to share ideas more easily, reasons Kreppein. “It’s a lot easier to spark up a conversation with someone standing behind you in line or next to you in class if you already know that she has similar interests as you—especially if you are a tad shy or introverted,” she says. Additionally, you can expand your global network as well; Kreppein reports that a show like Premiere DAYSPA (colocated with Premiere Orlando) sees attendees from all 50 states and 44 different countries. 

  5. Sharpen Your Business Skills - Yes, beefing up your service techniques is extremely important, but elevating your business acumen is just as imperative to career success. “Social media and marketing education is a phenomenal reason to attend,” Kreppein says. Though she notes that not every class involves social media, just being at the show affords you an opportunity to connect face to face with some of the industry’s biggest online names. Learning from the best in the biz? What more do you need to know? Visit premiereshows.com for future show dates 


[Image: Courtesy of Armando Sanchez]

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