Business Building and Artistic Education with Sweis Inc. and Moroccanoil

Sweis Group PhotoSalon professionals joined Sweis Inc. Professional Salon & Spa Products for a full day of business building and artistic education with Moroccanoil’s Nancy Dobell, Senior Director, Business and Brand Development, Robert Ham, Global Director of Education and Kevin Hughes, Artistic Director. Held at an exclusive venue in Irvine, CA, stylists and salon owners were impressed by the quality of practical business and branding information presented, the dynamic artistic demonstration as well as the networking and relationship building opportunities.

We had the opportunity to see Kevin Hughes and Robert Ham present eight models with styles and haircuts from Moroccanoil’s new Tradition of Beauty Collection, including a new twist on a top knot style with a faux bang.

Moroccanoil Styles

The artists shared with the audience product tips as well as helpful suggestions for working with clients. From cutting advice for growing out bangs, to tricks for creating braids that wow, stylists left the session inspired and excited to try out the techniques.


“As a family owned business, Sweis strives to demonstrate through our educational opportunities and our level of service that we are working hard to serve as a valuable and trusted resource for our salon partners. I believe that we effectively communicated this at the Moroccanoil Business Summit,” shares Karl Sweis, President of Sweis Inc. Professional Beauty Distributor. “We received very positive feedback from guests who were grateful for the information and excited to put it into action to improve their business practices.”


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