Beth Minardi's 5 Tips for Success

Beth Minardi

Hair Color guru Beth Minardi has been in the hair business for over 30 years with a world-famous coloring system that has been used by Uma Thurman, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Matt Dillon and many others.The road to Beth’s success was a journey of persistence, trailblazing, and patience.

Beth shares her tips on how she became one of the best hair colorists in the industry:

1. Bring the Love Back

The salon world is changing, and as a result, the feeling of community has fallen by the wayside, and both hair professionals and clients can often feel this difference. As a salon owner, you have to show an ongoing opportunity for growth, education, financial compensation, and letting artistic people know just how valuable. You have to bring the love back to members of the artistic team, which will trickle down to your clients.

2. EVERYTHING Has to Be an Art Form

Elevating Hair Color, Hair design and Client Care has to be an ART FORM.  You need to provide a salon sanctuary and oasis, not just for your clients, but for your team as well.

3. It Will Take Time—And Courage

Learning how to achieve numerous "looks" takes time, and PATIENCE. I handled this by learning to FOCUS and by attempting to be BRAVE.

4. Feel the Love—For Yourself and Your Clients

The most important thing in this life is love. After that, sharing love, to others and yourself so that you are living in good health both physically and spiritually. For my loved ones and clients, I wish that life continues to offer endless dreams come true, abundant health, happiness, and success…and great hair that makes them feel as beautiful as they are.

5. Remember That “Success” is Arbitrary

The most important thing to remember is that "success" means learning how to live happily, securely and healthily and to never stop learning, growing.

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