Salon Tips: Using Pinterest Boards for Digital Consultations

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“With the warmer weather comes adjustments to guests’ color,” says Patrick McIvor, Artistic & TechniCulture Director for Goldwell and KMS California. But, the challenge can be finding the right color, so McIvor created color boards on Pinterest ( to use during digital consultations he offers at his new salon, 101 E. Center Street.

“Our Goldwell Color Carts have a gooseneck attachment to hold an iPad for guest-centered consultations. Team members take pictures of guests and AirPlay the pictures to the TV showing the guest exactly what will be done to their hair – where highlights can be placed, what color to choose, etc.,” says McIvor. “There are so many ways to interpret a verbal color description, I like taking the guess work out of it by using a visual and then using technology to demonstrate all the options."

Pinterest boards are meant to be inspirational; they can be comprised of original work or the work of others that is representative of the services offered. Once the perfect color is found, guests also need guidance on how to keep it looking vibrant and shiny. McIvor offers the following tips:

  • Use Goldwell Dualsenses Color Lock Serum to prolong color retention for up to 22 shampoos.
  • For high-fade colors like reds and darker browns, color hair one shade darker to offset fading.
  • Use shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated for color-treated hair - the FadeStop formula in the Goldwell Dualsenses Color Care line is designed to maximize color retention.
  • Do not shampoo every day (try to go every other) and use warm (not hot) water, and a conditioner that minimizes color deterioration. Dry shampoos and/or baby powder can help stretch the time between shampoos.
  • Refreshing with a glaze between foiling appointments is another way to pump up color and shine between appointments.

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