7 Tips for Recruiting the Perfect Salon Employee

Joanne Eufora

Eufora's recent second quarter Eufora Salon Owner Network (ESON) meeting focused on teaching salon owners how to recruit an excellent talent. Joanne Magana, Eufora's head of ESON, offers 7 tips to help you in your search for that perfect employee:

  1. Visit Cosmetology Schools - Do a presentation to the students. Talk to them about their goals and dreams. They are hungry for it. Build a relationship with them. Connect with them. This alone creates a huge point of difference. Invite them to take a tour of your salon and to any events or education classes. This gives them a chance to connect with the team.
  2. Have a Training Program - Extensive research and interviews show that students want structure and a plan to grow. Outline the career path and goals and be very clear. Give them an achievable plan and career path that will get them where they want to go.
  3. Offer Advanced Education - “Always a student, never a master.” If you want to attract a team that cares, show them that you have commitment to their professional growth. Design incentive plans that help you achieve your goals, while they earn valuable education and inspiration. This will also help you retain them.
  4. Have a Busy Salon - Stylists want to work at a busy salon! Period. Enough said.
  5. Create an Irresistible Culture - People want to belong to something bigger than themselves. Your business must reflect who you are and make a difference. Communicate your brand via your mission, vision, and value statements. It is your promise of what your business will deliver to your team and your clients.
  6. Awesome Website - When someone is interested in joining your team, they are going to check you out online. Your website should reflect who you are. It is your brand and what does your brand say? This also attracts new clients.
  7. Never Stop Recruiting - You want to have a waiting list of people that want to work for you lining up at the door. Imagine that.


[Image courtesy of Eufora]

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