Enhance Your Education with Workshops from Sharon Blain

For stylists wishing to enhance their skills in the salon, good news! World-renowned hair artist Sharon Blain is offering three hairstyling workshops in New York City, Santa Monica, and Vancouver.

USA 4 Day Boot Camps:
Reach a new level of hair dressing after attending this 4-day course, hosted by Sharon Blain and Team in New York and Santa Monica. Skills taught include "how to wave, curl, set, braid, and blow dry and to do a variety of exciting hair looks ranging from stunning classics, textured, session, runway, photographic and extreme avant-garde hair."

Attendees will receive their own Doll's Head, along with products, a mini styling kit, and styling notes. Students who complete the course will receive a Graduation Certificate.

USA 2 Day Dressing Hair - The Fundamental Workshop
Held at Vidal Sassoon, Santa Monica, CA, this 2-day workshop offers "cosmetology students and emerging hair stylists two action packed days learning traditional 'old school' technical hairdressing skills. It is designed for students with limited hairstyling ability or no skills at all and is paced to allow time to perfect each skill before moving on." Skills taught include: how to wave, tong, curl, set, blow dry, braid, tease, pin and style.

Canadian 4 Day Boot Camp
The same course as is taught in Santa Monica and New York City, this 4-day hairstyling boot camp is offered in Vancouver, Canada, and will help hairstylists improve on existing skills while also learning new methods and techniques.

All bookings can be made at http://www.sharonblain.com

[Image courtesy of Sharon Blain Art of Education]

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