Hair Style How To: Address Dandruff

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When observing dandruff or flakes on my clients scalp, I take one of two approaches that I have found to be highly effective in addressing scalp issues with my clients. It could be a sensitive issue, but because of the approaches I take and the wellness products I use, I’m able to address the issue with confidence knowing that I’m going to help them get relief and demonstrate to them that I truly care about the health of their hair and scalp.
Approach #1: If I note a flaky scalp while running my hands through my client’s hair before their service, I’ll ask them if they have been having any new issues. This usually opens the conversation up allowing me to share with them that they are not alone, and then I give an example of another client I was able to help by doing scalp treatments with Malibu C’s Scalp Therapy treatment followed by maintenance at home with Malibu C’s Scalp Wellness Kit. Then I offer to give my client a complimentary Scalp Therapy treatment as I know it immediately relieves itching and flaking. After the treatment, my client always expresses how much better their scalp feels which opens the door for me to schedule a short series of Scalp Therapy treatments and get them on the Malibu C Scalp Wellness kit for home maintenance. Usually within a month, we have their scalp condition under control.
Approach #2:
The other approach I take is to rule out the possibility that the scalp flaking is not really dandruff, but rather buildup from exposure to hard water. Hard water buildup can mimic the symptoms of dandruff and I find this is often why clients never get relief with “dandruff” shampoos because they don’t really have dandruff! The great thing about the Malibu C Scalp Therapy treatment is that it not only helps address scalp conditions like dandruff and eczema, but it also removes the hard water mineral buildup which stops the flaking. I still put my client on the Scalp Wellness Kit for maintenance because it does double-duty of keeping their scalp healthy while preventing hard water buildup which stops the flaking. - Laura Rogala,


Laura Rogala is a Color Expert, Board Certified Haircolorist and Malibu C Educator at Salon Riviera in Washington.

[Image courtesy of Joni Rae and Associates]

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