Curl Talk: Page 2

Stephanie Kocielski, artistic director for Paul Mitchell Systems

A guest came into A Robert Cromeans Salon to see what our team could do. Her past salon experience had…put her in a spin. She had naturally curly hair that was uneven in its curl, and she wanted to keep it from going frizzy.

Her previous stylist had remarked that a perm would help on her waist-length hair. After doing the perm, the stylist then decided to highlight her hair to bring out her tones and to balance the color from the perm… So when she arrived for the consultation with me, I had to really watch my expression!

When she came to me to fix it, we scheduled an appointment and conditioned her hair with several rituals to help it feel good again. Then we did a PM SHINES application two weeks later to set her hair in the right direction. The funny thing was that after the conditioning ritual we added Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam, and the guest said it was the best answer she had ever found. Now the experience is behind us, and as a current client she enjoys her perm-free hair and regular PM SHINES treatments, as that’s all that is necessary. Thanks to a great cut and great styling tools, we now have a guest who loves her healthy curly hair!

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