What’s Your Biggest Takeaway from 2020?

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The year is almost over, and we are ready to start anew in 2021. There were many hardships to overcome and tough lessons to be learned in 2020; we can at least find a bit of solace in the knowledge that these challenging times have led to personal growth. Below, our Instagram followers share their biggest takeaways from this unusual year. *Posts edited for length and clarity.

@all_tangled_upp: This year definitely helped me focus more on my family and how I wanted to regroup when reopening the salon.

@laurachristopherhairartist: I learned to be flexible because nothing is perfect. I realized I can’t control everything and that’s alright. Most importantly, I will never forget that kindness and positivity trumps all.

@jessicascotthair: This year allowed me reset my goals, focus on the future and get ready to kill it in 2021!

@vivloveshair: I learned that a setback is just prep for an amazing comeback!

@makennayounghair: 2020 has made me appreciate the little things in life that actually have a big impact on my happiness.

@lo_davishair: I learned to keep it pushing and everything will fall into place.

@salondelmarhb: I understand how important it is to save money.

@kristidaybeauty: 2020 taught me it’s okay to not constantly overwork myself like I did last year.

@stuffbystefff: I realize I miss hugging people.

@curlyhairdaze: Assess. Adapt. Keep it moving!

@rachk.stylist: To slow down, listen to my gut and be grateful.

@uggoff: I discovered I have a lot of audacity.

@thee_hair_gal: I will always tell the people I love that I love them and appreciate what I have because I never know when it’s going to be gone.

@jesuisunananas: Don’t put things off until “next time.”

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