7 Ways Ursula Goff Stays Inspired

Ursula Goff. Headshot courtesy of Matrix.
Ursula Goff. Headshot courtesy of Matrix.

*As told to  Alyson Osterman-Kerr

1 Tiles

Even when walking through Lowe’s I can get ideas, like when I see pretty tile for the kitchen backsplash.

2 Food

Sometimes the color combinations in food can become eye candy!

3 Retro Vibes

Older color combos and designs can make shades I wouldn’t normally put together look cool and contemporary, while also evoking a nostalgic feel.

4 Space

I’ve always loved learning about space, and the Hubble telescope has provided really spectacular images over the years that provide me with astronomical inspiration.

5 Textiles

I was a Fashion major before I went to hair school, so beautiful fabric will always have a place in my heart. I will buy fabric I don’t even need if it catches my eye.

6 Fire

Not only is fire filled with mesmerizing warm tones—it also has a movement to it that I try to capture when translating it to hair color.

7 Doc Martens

I lusted over oil-slick Doc Martens in high school, and they are often in the back of my mind when dealing with a client who has a darker base and wants a more dress code-friendly, polished look to her color. 

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