Meet This Year's 30 Under 30 Winner Lisa Mayo

Our 8th annual 30 Under 30 spotlight highlights the next generation of colorists — all under age 30 — who are poised to take their careers to the next level. Hailing from coast to coast and different countries, these color experts comprise an eclectic 2020 crew. We learned about their lives and hue loves, who motivates and what inspires them, how they got started and where they hope to go. Lisa Mayo (@lisa_createdtocreate) is the 29-year-old owner and master stylist of Create Studio in Hauppauge, New York. 

Lisa MayoTell us about yourself.
I am an extremely passionate person who really has a love for creating, inspiring and sharing with others. I have been behind the chair for 13 years and recently became a salon owner. I believe personal growth to be one of the most empowering feelings and really love helping those who feel stuck push through their fears and step out of their comfort zones. I have a strong love for solving problems and I think that is one of the reasons why I love coloring as much as I do. When I work with color, I look at  what I am trying to achieve and figuring out how I am going to get there. To me, it is problem solving with a creative twist!

What are your goals?
As someone who believes in stepping out of comfort zones, I tend to set a lot of goals for myself to maintain growth. Some of my goals that I hope to achieve in my career are growing my salon, and continuing to push myself creatively to open new doors for endless opportunity. I really want to take time to collaborate with other artists around the world and create looks and share with other creative minds.

Any accomplishments so far that you’re most proud of?
So far my greatest accomplishments are opening my own salon this year and also becoming part of the Pulp Riot team. I have always had dreams of creating my own environment, and after 13 years behind the chair in the same salon that I grew tremendously in, I finally stepped out and took a leap. There is no better feeling than being my own boss and being able to create in my own space. I feel empowered and I want to share that with other stylists who may feel stuck or just need a little inspiration. As far as being part of the Riot Squad and an educator for Pulp Riot, it was a goal of mine to work for their amazing company and work with such great products and artists. To be acknowledged and asked to join their family was truly an honor and a dream come true! 

What do you love most about being a colorist?
What I love about being a colorist is how I can tell different stories with different color palettes, placements and techniques. I love being able to do creative color for six hours or balayage for two. Hair is a canvas and the options are endless.  My brain never shuts off full of ideas, new formulas, new techniques. I’m able to create art with hair, what’s not to love?

Who would you consider to be your mentor/role model, and why?
My role model is my grandfather, who is an entrepreneur himself. Ever since I was a little girl he always talked business. He always shares his story of how he was raised on a farm in Puerto Rico with nothing and worked so hard to get where he is today. Coming from not knowing how to read to where he is now is proof that dreams do come true if you work at them. He had six children after moving to New York, and after years of hard work he was able to give them a life he never had. He never gave up and constantly had his eyes set on what he wanted. His determination and hard work is inspiring and I am so happy he is able to see me chasing my dreams as an entrepreneur and a hair artist. 

What’s your favorite color trend/technique of the moment?
Creative color is definitely my favorite type of color to do because there is really no right or wrong way to do it. It's just a paint party that I’m all for! Whether it be shine lines of vivids, or dimensional pastels, I absolutely love it all. Being able to bring a vision from within my head to life on someone’s hair is just a truly great feeling. Sometimes I may have no direction with my creative colors, I just start mixing and painting my canvas and others I have an exact idea I’m trying to bring to life. That’s the fun of this type of color because it gives a sense of freedom to create something new and different.

Who or what inspires your color work?
Getting inspired is something I enjoy. I may see flowers or trees outside that inspire a color palette or maybe a plate of food while I’m out to dinner. I’ll take a mental picture and then jot down how I could create that in hair. I may see something that has high contrast or something that’s subtle and soft. Once I create my look from my inspiration, I love to come up with a catchy name for the look to bring it all together!

What makes you most proud to be part of this industry?
Being part of the beauty industry is amazing. It’s full of creative minds, talented hands and amazing artists. We are able to be ourselves and deliver personalized looks for our clients to allow them to express themselves. Every day with great passion I am able to bring my clients a sense of confidence, happiness inside and out, and so much more. At the end of the day, I make people feel good, build relationships, and spread, good vibes, creativity and more! 


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