What's Inspiring Eufora National Trainer Dana Hodges Caschetta

Dana Caschetta Hair

1. Fashion: This is a key place I go to for inspiration! The textiles, the colors, the patterns, and even the concepts behind collections truly speak to me. I am always intrigued by the boundaries designers push during Fashion Week or in editorial publications.

2. History: I love to research trends throughout history. Oftentimes there is a particular reason as to why a look started, and I find it fascinating to think about what today’s social parameters could create.

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3. Ocean: It’s serene and calming. Being still and sitting by 4 the sea keeps me grounded. The ocean’s massive size makes me feel so small yet significant in that I get to be in the presence of its beauty.

Street Art4. Street Art: As a New Yorker I have a love for all types of street art. The bright colors, the texture of its canvas and the oftentimes unique placements all captivate me. I can walk around the city day and night and find inspiration through art!

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5. Music: I’m inspired by all kinds of music, lyrics and melodies. Sometimes it’s the overall feeling I get from a particular song; other times it’s more literal 6 and directly from the song title itself.

6. Travel: I often travel by myself for work, yet I never feel truly alone. I love to meet new people, hear their stories and immerse myself in their culture. There’s so much to learn from different parts of the world and different walks of life.

Dana Caschetta Salon Team7. My Tribe: The people I choose to surround myself with (i.e. my salon team!) motivate me. We challenge one another and lift each other up–I'm so grateful for them.

–as told to Alyson Osterman-Kerr


[Images: Courtesy of Dana Hodges Caschetta; Getty Images]

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