Look of the Moment: Rowan Blanchard and Gemma Chan

Rowan Blanchard Gemma Chan Hair

From Rowan Blanchard’s dreamy finger waves to Gemma Chan’s soft, pulled-back style, these spellbinding looks check the box for clients in need of night-on- the-town beauty.

Rowan Blanchard Hair

Style created by celebrity stylist Laurie Heaps

  • Create an off-center part and mist one-inch sections with White Sands Liquid Texture Medium Styling Spray prior to curling. Tip: When paired with heat, the spray helps the curl keep its shape until shampooed out, which is key when molding and brushing hair into finger waves.
  • Curl each one-inch section with Hot Tools Golden Rose Collection 1” Digital Flipperless Curling Wand, making sure to alternate curls backward and forward to create an “S”-wave pattern. After forming each curl, wrap it around your index finger to craft a mini circle of hair, then secure with a bobby pin.
  • Once the pin set cools, unpin and brush through, molding hair with your fingers into “S”-waves on the sides. For the back of the head, carefully move the finger waves from the crown to the nape so only the ends tuck under and the crown lays close to the head.
  • To seal the style, use BioSilk Silk Therapy Finishing Spray for added shine and smoothness.

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Inspiration: “To complement actress Rowan Blanchard’s Gucci dress, we wanted to bring a little theater into the mix while still keeping the hairstyle contemporary,” explains Laurie Heaps

Gemma Chan Hair

Style recreated by Dawn McKee, Surface Hair stylist

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  • Prepare hair with Aloxxi Dry Shampoo* to absorb oils and odors and for a long-lasting finish.
  • Mist Surface Hair Swirl Sea Salt Spray* through the lengths.
  • Blow-dry hair with a three-inch round brush, working at the base to create shape with soft, natural-looking texture.
  • Carve out a large section for side fringe on the heavy side of the part. Then create a thin slice of hair beginning just below the temple on the other side of the part and slice just over the top of the ear ending just behind the ear. Clip back both sections.
  • Using your hands, sweep the remaining hair into a soft, knotted chignon at the nape of the neck, pulling at the edges to lend softness.
  • Set the fringe and the section around the ear using a large curling wand. Spritz lengths with Neuma neuControl Medium Hairspray* and wrap the hair over the top of the iron, twisting the hair as you wrap. As you twist, keep your palm down, and when twisting over the top, keep your palm facing up. Tip: Do not over-twist. Allow waves to cool completely before expanding.
  • To expand the waves, gently comb through and apply a light amount of Bosley Professional Strength Bos•Volumize Bamboom*. With your thumb and fingertips, gently massage the waves to impart additional fullness.
  • Mist Lakmé k.style Polish Smooth & Shine Sheen Spray * to finish.

* Asterisks indicate products not used by stylist


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