Alterna Celebrity Stylist Andrew Fitzsimons' Tattoos Are All Love

Andrew Fitzsimons Hairstylists

A lot of my tattoos are for my mom. I have the year of her birth on my knuckles, but the “I love you” tattoo on my neck is especially significant because it’s in her handwriting. I lifted it from a birthday card that she sent to me, so in a way it’s more meaningful because she didn’t specifically write it for a tattoo, but rather a genuine expression of love. We live far from each other, so it’s very special to have her always with me.

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Andrew Fitzsimons Neck Tattoo

A lot of people have advised me against getting visible tattoos because of my job. Yet as an artist, I got the rose tattoo on my neck to represent nonconformity. I think most people view neck tattoos as super aggressive, which is why I wanted to get this pink rose—it’s feminine, soft and beautiful.

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Andrew Fitzsimons Hand Tattoo

I absolutely love the rose tattoo on the back of my left hand because it’s intimately tied to my work. It has almost become a signature—it is really fun to spot my hand on Instagram or while watching the shows I work on. This was also my first visible tattoo (all my prior tattoos were on my chest and arms), so I was a little bit nervous when I got it! But I adore nature and flowers, and the rose is my favorite; having something so beautiful on my hand reminds me to take a breath and not take things too seriously.

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