The Future Looks Bright For These Three Student Stylists

The next generation of stylists has already begun to make its mark on the industry, and the future looks gorgeous. These three student standouts have more than earned their admiration.

Madison Pizer Paul Mitchell

Inspiration: Madison Pizer, a student at The Temple, a Paul Mitchell Partner School in Frederick, Maryland, found inspiration in Mother Earth when creating her striking look. “The muted rainbow tones symbolize all that is bright on our beloved planet, while the light flowers and dewy makeup represent life and radiance,” she explains.

What made her pursue professional beauty?

The beauty industry combines Pizer’s love of art (particularly Claude Monet, Édouard Manet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir) with her desire to help others. “I absolutely adore making someone feel beautiful and transformed,” says Pizer. “There’s no better feeling in this world than making someone else’s days."

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Abigail Dollard Fisher Academy

I​nspiration: Edgy meets professional in Abigail Dollard’s look. Dollard, who attends the Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita, Kansas, had the privilege of working on the style alongside Fisher, the academy’s founder. Dollard relied on the hair look to showcase her model’s fun personality, which is juxtaposed against clothes that mean business. “When it came to a color scheme, we opted for the ‘less is more’ approach,” she points out. “We used the model’s positioning against the white background to create strong shapes.”

What made her pursue professional beauty?

A fascination with behind-the-scenes looks coupled with a love of making others feel good led Dollard down the pro-beauty path. “My admiration for others’ ability to create characters and images pushed me to explore my own work,” she shares.

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Tim Patrick Beau Monde Academy

Inspiration: Tim Patrick, who hails from the Beau Monde Academy of Cosmetology in Portland, Oregon, created this eye-catching look through pure kismet. A walk-in client came to Patrick with a cut idea and, after his instructors saw how well it came out, they encouraged him to add color and submit the finished look to the Wella Professionals TrendVision photo shoot contest. Inspired by ideas from those around him (including his classmates, models and instructors), Patrick decided that gold and green would be the perfect complement to the cut.

What made him pursue professional beauty?

“I love to work and connect with people,” Patrick says. “Cutting hair gives me the opportunity to do both, while also allowing me to be creative.”


[Images: top courtesy of Serena Russell; middle courtesy of Eric Fisher School; bottom courtesy of Beau Monde Academy]

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