Meet the Individuals Behind Great Lengths USA, Kao USA and Conair

Danielle Keasling Great Lengths

Danielle Keasling, executive artistic director of the design team for Great Lengths USA.

My main goals with the company are: To continue to bring brand awareness to Great Lengths USA and protect the integrity of the hair extension industry and the brand by providing truthful and ethical information to hairstylists and consumers. We’re proud of who we are, what we do and where we source our hair.

The reasons I chose to join this brand are: I value the integrity of the people that work for Great Lengths, as well as the luxurious feel of the brand itself— everything we do is high quality and tasteful.

I get inspired by: Fashion, architecture and traveling. Music also always gets my energy going!

I’m happiest when: I’m sharing new ideas and techniques with fellow stylists.

My favorite way to unwind is: Visiting a local beach with my pups and letting the fresh salt air and sunshine fill me up.

My top vacation destination is: South Africa! Cape Town and Hermanus are very special.

My favorite film is: I don’t have one, but I do love to watch movies—they help me get out of my own head.

My Starbucks order is: Venti nonfat extra-hot chai latte.

I work in professional beauty because: I truly love everything about the industry: It’s progressive, passionate, rewarding, inspiring, and exciting. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

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Mark Giannandrea Kao Usa

Mark Giannandrea, vice president, Salon Commercial, EMEA, for Kao USA.

My main goal with the company is: Making sure everyone is able to realize the full potential of our brands.

The reasons I chose to join this company are: The amazing products in its portfolio as well as its potential. 

I get inspired by: Listening to other people’s real-life stories of doing good.

I’m happiest when: I’m with my son.

My favorite way to unwind is: Going for a long cycle on my bike.

My top vacation destination is: Thailand. It has great weather and amazing seafood.

My favorite film is: Carlito’s Way.

My Starbucks order is: I don’t drink Starbucks! I opt for fresh Moroccan peppermint tea.

I work in professional beauty because: I grew up in the industry. My mum was a hairdresser, which meant that I was in her salon from the time I was five years old.

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Trevor Attenborough Kao Usa

Trevor Attenborough, vice president, Salon Commercial, Americas, for Kao USA.

My main goal with the company is: To make it a great place to work for a team of people that expects excellence from each other, wants to grow and holds the salon at the center of it all.

The reasons I chose to join this company are: The people who work here understand our customers and want them to win as much as they want to win themselves. There’s a magic that surrounds that kind of mind-set that transcends the brand and makes it greater than the sum of its products.

I get inspired by: Being surrounded by really smart, creative people.

I’m happiest when: I’m experiencing, sharing or trying something new and different.

My favorite way to unwind is: Dinner with my family.

My top vacation destination is: Anywhere that I’ve never been before.

My favorite film is: Dead Poets Society.

My Starbucks order is: Grande dark roast with cream.

I work in professional beauty because: I enjoy the people that make up the business—they’re smart, accepting and know how to have fun.

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John Costanza Conair

John Costanza, general manager and vice president of the Professional Division for Conair Corporation.

My main goals with the company are: To carry on the company’s mission of being a world leader in the professional appliance category within the beauty industry. Additionally, we want to continue leveraging great customer relations with education being a key focus. In an era where digital is key, we’re looking to expand our presence in this arena.

I get inspired by: Adding value wherever my career lands me; knowing that I’m making a difference within my organization fuels my inspiration.

I’m happiest when: I'm busy. Regardless of what I’m doing, professionally or personally, being busy is the way I keep my brain active and sharp.

My favorite way to unwind is: Binge-watching Netflix.

My top vacation destination is: Turks and Caicos. They provide such relaxing environments, and the people are fantastic.

My favorite film is: Rudy.

My Starbucks order is: A small black coffee, or in Starbucks terms: a tall blonde roast.

I work in professional beauty because: It’s who I am. I’ve been working in the professional beauty industry for almost 25 years.


[Images: Courtesy of manufacturers] 


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