Sam Villa Guest Blog: 2018 Sam Villa Education Mission

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January is a very exciting time of year for us because we reveal our education mission to the industry.  Our education mission is the map of our teaching for the year based on beauty/fashion, feedback from guests and creative input by artists.  We don’t really like to say that it’s based on trends, because trends are less specific now and they overlap…what’s more important is mastering the techniques to be able to offer specific elements to keep guests, editorial work and stage models interesting, fashion forward and relevant.  In essence, we sift through the mass of information coming from every direction and package it in a way that makes sense to hairdressers so they can add value behind the chair.  Enjoy – hope to see you at an upcoming live educational show so you can learn more!!

2018 Sam Villa Education Mission

Authenticity leads the way this year with a return to what is natural, honest and real to each of us.  Even the voice of the 60’s beatnik can be heard inspiring the world to reach for simplicity.  Hairdressers can release their sense of creativity to design looks for their clients that are truly built to suit today’s lifestyle.

Everyone is looking to cash in on “fringe benefits” with short, shagged and micro fringe for guests looking to make a bold statement, while social media is flooded with 70’s inspired long curtain fringe for a softer aesthetic.  These add an element of interest to the long reigning champion of hair trends… the lob.  But now, the lob is taking on a slightly different silhouette to stay current with the up and coming challenger for the top seat… the modern shag as layering continues make a strong statement.  Both shapes move towards a leaner design with shorter detached surface layers and loose extended perimeters.  Cuts are created to allow hair to move in all directions and the more rigid sides from the continued barber influence are being shaped with shears and razors to get away from the “fresh from the salon” look. 

Great finishing continues to be a necessary skill set, yet we’re now embracing true natural texture or recreating a natural texture through technique, tools and product. And, dust off your rollers, round brushes, and curling irons, because volume on top has finally returned!!! Braids, buns, ponys and upstyles benefit from the same desire for more natural looks.  Incorporating disheveled tendrils of natural movement update simple classic looks, and accessories such as scarves, decorative pins, or even a well-placed bobby pin eliminate the need for complicated details.

Allow your authenticity to shine this season and invest in yourself, your career and your future success through education, both LIVE and online.

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Image credits:
Hair: Sam Villa ArTeam
Photo: Andrew Carruthers
Makeup: Michelle Boucher
Wardrobe: Michelle Boucher

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