Rami Shami Reappointed CEO of Farouk Systems, Inc.

Image courtesy of Janice McCafferty CommunicationsDr. Farouk Shami has proudly re-appointed his eldest son, Rami Shami, as the CEO of Farouk Systems Inc. Rami has spent numerous years managing the company along with his father while improving the national and international aspects of the company as a whole. He has spent most of his business career fine-tuning the operations and production of the CHI and BioSilk brands to achieve maximum efficiency in supplying the markets. Rami is also responsible for the expansion and opening of multiple manufacturing sites for the company, such as the Farouk bottling manufacturing plant. His business sense has streamlined and improved every avenue of manufacturing, all while cutting company costs and keeping inventory at premium levels.

In addition to operating the manufacturing and production of the CHI and BioSilk brands, Rami has been instrumental in planning successful shows and educational events across the Middle East as well as in the U.S. His understanding of the industry has provided superior educational tactics aimed to groom hairdressers into becoming their own success story. This has been the foundation of Farouk Systems since its inception and like his father, Dr. Farouk Shami, they share the same passion and mission, Education, Environment, and Ethics.

Rami Shami will continue to oversee the operations and production processes while seeking to improve all aspects of the company and its departments with his executive team.

Rami Shami said, “I have spent 30 years in the professional salon industry watching my father’s goals and accomplishments come to life. It will be an honor to continue this legacy that he has laid out while also having the opportunity to serve and improve this great industry.”

Rami’s current goals include expanding the bottling manufacturing plant and overseeing the upcoming launch of the Esquire Men’s Grooming Line in October 2016, while planning the company’s Global Conference scheduled for 2017. He is planning the expansion of CHI Partner Schools as well as growing distribution both nationally and internationally.

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