TIGI's Anthony and Pat Mascolo to Launch New Site, INFRINGE

Image courtesy of Siren PR
On February 29, 2016, TIGI's Anthony and Pat Mascolo will launch their new site, INFRINGE.com. Dubbed the online “Anthropology of Hair," INFRINGE will be "an online platform dedicated to the culture of hair, explored through a blend of art, culture and fashion."

The site will serve to illuminate the global value placed upon hair, including how it "is inextricably linked to our ideas surrounding identity, gender, race, religion, class, death and much more." INFRINGE will focus on all aspects of the hair world - from stylists working behind the chair, to photographers who shoot masterful hair creations, to wigmakers, barbers, artists, and more.

Image courtesy of Siren PR

According to the Mascolos, "[Hair] is a powerful symbol, an extension of our identity, attitudes and beliefs. Through hair we can express our individuality, conform to uniformity, or show our dedication to a specific subculture, tribe or lifestyle… INFRINGE is the Anthropology of Hair. We hope that you will find the content interesting and thought provoking."

INFRINGE.com will launch Monday, February 29, 2016.

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