Amy Wurtele Promoted at Sam Villa

Image courtesy of Glow Communications

Beth Carson, co-founder and president of Sam Villa, recently announced the promotion of Amy Wurtele to Director of Products & Logistics effective immediately.

“This promotion recognizes the value and talent Amy has brought to her previous role as Inventory and Logistics Manager.  She has done an outstanding job of managing and improving the company’s forecasting, demand planning and vendor purchase orders to meet our inventory needs while assisting in cash flow management and reporting. She also recently made the move to the company’s Salt Lake City office to better facilitate the work process alongside the Finance and Administration team,” explains Carson.

In her new role, Wurtele will direct product development processes and scheduling with efficient systems and procedures for every stage of product management, including quality control systems, product improvements and critical milestones for product and packaging development. And, she will track new product development from the point of prototype to finished goods while interfacing with the Sam Villa ArTeam, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Warehouse Operations and valued vendor partners.

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