[VIDEO] A Breakdown on Ingredient Knowledge to Empower Estheticians

Video Interview with Hale Cosmeceuticals
Skin Inc. is joined by David Kaiser, VP of Operations at Hale Cosmeceuticals, to talk about empowering the esthetician.

Ingredient knowledge can play a huge role when it comes to standing out in the spa industry. Having a good understanding of utilizing ingredients in the treatment room can help not only maximize client results, but also help you be able to mix and match different products in the treatment room and make customized protocols.

David Kaiser, VP of operations at Hale Cosmeceuticals, joins Skin Inc. associate managing editor, Maggie Walker, to dive into this topic. In this video interview, we cover how staying on top of the latest ingredient knowledge and trends can help to empower you, grow your business and find your niche.  

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