Spa Industry Education That You Can Watch

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By Xavier Lorenzo -

We asked how you prefer to get spa industry education, and the results are in:

  • 11% prefer only articles,
  • 33% prefer only videos,
  • 56% want both.

You know how to find our articles, so for those of you who want more video education, we've gathered the following five educational pieces that you can watch! These WellSpa 360 webcasts cover a range of topics, and all you have to do is fill out the form and show up. You can watch and learn for free at any time—it's all on demand. 

1. Body Treatment

This Ayurveda-Inspired Body Treatment Revitalizes Your Clients and Your Menu: In this recent webcast, Emily Sindlinger of Sorella Apothecary discusses the brand's new Ayurveda-inspired body treatment. This video covers the service from every angle, from a full breakdown of each product (including an innovative showerless body scrub) and key ingredients to pricing and seasonal recommendations.

"Prep your skin for summer; let's exfoliate that dry winter skin," says Sindlinger. "Or, I love it for a post-summer marketing push as well. You can market it as: Let's [remove] all the chemicals from sunscreens and self-tanners, and all of the dead skin cells that have developed with our ... sunburned skin."

What's more, you can also watch a full demonstration of the treatment in its entirety.

2. Light Therapy

The Future of Medicine Looks Bright: This piece is all about medical red light therapy and its many applications for the skin and body. Sheila Barbarino, MD, FACS, FAAO, FAACS, and the experts at Ward Photonics dive deep into the science behind light therapy for body slimming and skin health, including everything from wavelength penetration to collagen production at the cellular level. 

You'll also hear firsthand experiences from providers about how they implement medical light therapy in their practices, the feedback they get from their clients, and tips for performing a treatment. 

3. Spa Sanitation Practices

The Latest Sanitation Practices Every Spa Manager Should Know: For spa pros who are short on time, this mini-webcast will quickly set you up for success when it comes to sanitizing your spa spaces. Siobhain Sweetingham BSc., Infection Prevention Expert for Virox and Prevention Disinfectants, has a background in microbiology and infection prevention, and she's the perfect person to share disinfection tips and tricks for surfaces and special equipment. 

4. Probiotics in Skin Care

Which Clients Benefit Most from Probiotic Skin Care?: Tessa Kienow of LaFlore Probiotic Skincare shares the ins and outs of beneficial bacteria for the skin. Find out how live probiotics work in the skin care realm, including the science behind how they're able to promote skin health. You'll also learn which clients benefit most from these types of treatments, and how such offerings help you target and retain clientele. 

"Protect the health of your clients' skin and their microbiome by giving them a live probiotic skin care system solution to use at home. Not only will their skin recover faster, but their treatment outcomes will improve and working with their skin will become easier," says Kienow. 

5. Physical Lymphatic Drainage 

The Science of Skin: This educational webcast is all about the importance of connective tissue—and how properly working with it promotes lymphatic drainage that helps the body naturally detox, tone and contour. Stan Kapica, president of Skin Science Solutions, delves into the micro-movements of the skin and connective tissue stimulation, from head to toe, for holistic skin and body wellness. Specifically, he discusses how the icoone Roboderm is able to provide such treatments for a range of concerns, including lymphaic drainage, body contouring, cellulite, anti-aging and skin lifting. 

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