Which Prestige Beauty Formulas Will Come Out on Top at the 2024 C&T Allēs?

See who wins at our exclusive red carpet-style awards dinner, to be held on March 6, 2024, at the Biltmore in Los Angeles – alongside our riveting Beauty Accelerate event. Join us!
See who wins at our exclusive red carpet-style awards dinner, to be held on March 6, 2024, at the Biltmore in Los Angeles – alongside our riveting Beauty Accelerate event. Join us!

Which prestige beauty formulas will win C&T Allē Awards in 2024? Find out at our exclusive red carpet-style awards dinner, to be held on March 6, 2024, at the Biltmore in Los Angeles – alongside our riveting Beauty Accelerate event. Following are the contenders.

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Circadia – Serum 71: Past, Present & Future

Serum 71 is a powerful serum packed with potent ingredients, designed to deliver brightening, lightening and tightening effects for all skin types. Named after the year Dr. Pugliese joined the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, and in tribute to his immense contributions throughout his career as a chemist, Serum 71 is innovative for our time while honoring the rich history and work that went into creating it.

Crown Aesthetics – BIOJUVE Living Biome Essentials Duo

This duo contains two products, the BIOJUVE Living Biome Essentials Serum and BIOJUVE Activating Mist. The serum is a smooth and rejuvenating formula that hosts the proprietary Xycrobe powerhouse ingredient. This living microbe technology was designed to improve the appearance of coarse wrinkles, fine lines, texture, tone, photodamage and an overall dull, lackluster complexion by enhancing the skin’s microbiome and optimizing skin health. The Activating Mist acts as an “on” switch to activate the living microbe technology in the serum.

DECIEM – Copper Amino Isolate Lipid

The Copper Amino Isolate Lipid 1% (CAIL 1%) is a patented copper peptide delivery system optimized for skin. It expands on DECIEM’s NIOD brand Copper Peptide (GHK-Cu) franchise, which includes the award-winning Copper Amino Isolate Serum 3 1:1 (CAIS3 1:1). CAIL 1% is a re-engineered, novel approach to the copper peptides achieved via a proprietary process to enhance the solubility of the hero Pal-GHK-Cu ingredient in glycolipids. The result is a delicate, mesmerizingly blue gel system. CAIL 1% incorporates Pal-GHK-Cu at 1% w/w. Its lipophilicity, attributed to the presence of the palmitoyl group, enhances delivery across the epidermal barrier. The pro-elasticity, pro-age support product delivers multi-dimensional benefits to enhance the natural activities of the skin.

Epicutis – Epicutis Lipid Body Treatment

The Epicutis Lipid Body Treatment is an EWG-verified, globally compliant and innovative body firming and tightening formulation. Highlighted by a novel technology developed at Princeton University, Hyvia brand proprietary botanical extracts and Spilanthes acmella flower extract, also called the Botox flower, the product helps to firm and hydrate the skin. This powerful duo, combined with caffeine, lychee seed extract and glucosyl hesperidin, helps to tighten the skin without preservatives. The Epicutis Lipid Body Treatment will contour the body and supply instant hydration, lasting for 24 hr.

Eufora International – Eufora Triple Bond Repair

The Eufora Triple Bond Repair is a weightless, in-shower reparative treatment designed to instantly treat, repair and strengthen damaged bonds in hair utilizing a novel Pro-Bond Complex. The complex is a synergistic blend of pea, vegetable and quinoa proteins, formulated to quickly penetrate into the hair strand to restore, replace and revive broken and damaged bonds. The treatment leaves hair feeling silky, yet not coated, and requires no blow-drying to activate. From the first application, a Triple Bond Repair treatment will significantly improve hair health and vitality.

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Linder Health – HA Pep Smoothing Intensifier

The HA Pep Smoothing Intensifier hydrates, plumps and improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture with multiple forms of hyaluronic acid (HA) while helping to slow the formation of expression lines with peptides. The product floods the skin with HA for instant surface hydration and deeper penetration into the epidermis and dermis, to help stimulate the production of the skin’s own HA. The neuropeptide Argireline is incorporated to help slow the repetitive motion that causes crow’s feet and forehead and smile lines. The HA Pep Smoothing Intensifier will plump and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and smooth rough skin texture, leaving skin fresh and hydrated.

OLAPLEX – OLAPLEX Volumizing Blow Dry Mist

The OLAPLEX Volumizing Blow Dry Mist is a reparative blow-dry mist that creates lasting body and bounce and protects hair for soft, shiny and visibly healthy blowouts. The mist is clinically proven to speed blow-dry time, provide humidity resistance, and protect against heat up to 450°F. Every pump of Volumizing Blow Dry Mist delivers a stacked deck of powerful ingredients to elevate any style by repairing, protecting and providing an imperceptible support structure for strength and style retention – including the exclusive patented OLAPLEX Bond Building Technology that relinks damaged bonds for stronger, healthier-looking hair.

RAAIE – Morning Dew Vitamin C Serum

Eighty percent of the signs of aging are caused by UV exposure. RAAIE’s Morning Dew Vitamin C Serum is setting a new standard for age prevention by harnessing the unique resilience of New Zealand’s land, sea and alpine botanicals. The plants in these regions survive under some of the harshest UV in the world and produce very high levels of antioxidants. When applied topically, this antioxidant serum protects skin and repairs existing damage.

Solésence Beauty Science – Soft Glow SPF 50+ Featuring Patented Kleair Technology

Soft Glow SPF 50+, featuring the patented Kleair technology, is a featherweight serum that delivers lasting skin health benefits alongside the slightest hint of glam. For "skinimalist" consumers seeking a multi-tasking beauty product, or those who want to glow up their SPF, Soft Glow is a versatile hybrid hero. This non-nano, mineral-based, broad-spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen protects skin from 98%+ of UV radiation to prevent premature skin aging. In addition, pollution-induced free radicals are reduced by more than 85%, and antioxidant efficacy is boosted by up to 200%. Soft Glow engages with consumer desires for streamlined beauty routines, skin health and making beauty fun.

Theraderm – Theraderm Brilliance Boost Pads

Designed to deliver brighter, clearer skin, the Brilliance Boost Resurfacing Pads contain lactic and mandelic alpha hydroxy acids that delicately exfoliate dull skin cells, revealing a fresh, vibrant complexion. The result is a visibly smoother skin texture, diminished fine lines and wrinkles, and a luminous lit-from-within glow. The pads are formulated with arbutin, a gentle skin-brightening agent that works to target dark spots, hyperpigmentation and scars. Ethyl ascorbic acid (a vitamin C derivative) harnesses the benefits of vitamin C to shield the skin against environmental stressors while these ingredients work in tandem to promote an even skin tone.

Tosla d.o.o. – Premium-Grade Collagen Formulation

This Premium-Grade Collagen Formulation sets off fibroblasts within the skin, stimulating them to produce new collagen at an accelerated rate. By incorporating a high concentration of collagen peptides and introducing MSM into the formulation, this product achieves efficacy from a nutricosmetic that is poised to win over even the most skeptical of individuals. Users will witness the remarkable effects of this one-of-a-kind formulation, including better and faster synthesis of collagen, MSM and vitamin C. These components deliver significant and scientifically proven results in improved skin density, thickness and hydration that will leave consumers amazed and outpace any alternative on the market.

Tronque – Vitamin C Body Oil

Tronque’s Vitamin C Body Oil brings vitamin C to the body to restore radiance, prevent fine lines, tackle pigmentation and slow skin aging. The advanced patented ceramides deliver lasting epidermal moisture and skin-plumping effects for a smooth, healthy, even texture. With daily use, pores and sun damage appear reduced. This revolutionary biotech lipid complex is scientifically proven to make skin act younger, boosting elasticity, firmness and hydration. These three skin-perfecting heavyweights join a face-worthy lineup of vitamin-rich, luscious plant oils. The combination will help slow skin aging, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and protect the skin's natural moisture barrier against irritation and dehydration.

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