Bringing Halotherapy and Other Salt Treatments to Your Spa

Portrait of young couple in salt inhalation steam room, relaxing.

We asked our readers if they want to incorporate salt therapy into spa treatments, and 92% of you said yes! This guide will show you everything you need to know about salt in the spa, from treatment protocols to the logistics of building a halotherapy suiteand everything in between. 

The Wellness Benefits of Salt Therapy: A quick but super informative introduction to the benefits of salt in the spa, including halotherapy, bath salts and business benefits.

All About Halotherapy And Other Salt Treatments: How spas can create touchless wellness experiences with halotherapy, plus ideas for other salt treatments like salt stones, sauna panels and options for mani/pedis. 

How to Design and Build a Halotherapy Room: Insights and logistics for spas looking to add halotherapy, whether it's a full salt suite or simply implementing a halogenerator into a less-used space. 

3 Full Salt Treatment Protocols to Detoxify Skin: Get inspired by these step-by-step treatments that use salt to draw out impurities and re-energize the skin.

The Salt Therapy Association's Industry Standards: The Salt Therapy Association (STA) shares these important guidelines for businesses offering halotherapy treatments, including particle size, session length, health claims and much more. 

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