SpaSpace Introduces Wellness Membership

The membership includes an expert-led, virtual mindfulness solution.
The membership includes an expert-led, virtual mindfulness solution.

SpaSpace has introduced a Wellness Membership for providers and facility partners. As part of its Global Wellness Day celebration, SpaSpace will offer free access to the app's Wellness Membership for six months. Also included is a free membership to virtual mindfulness solution eM Life. 

In addition to access to the platform and directory, spa and wellness professionals can create schedules, receive same-day payouts on services, network with a community of peers and facilities, and receive ongoing professional development. 

“We are especially proud to offer this Wellness Membership,” said Ilana Alberico, CEO of SpaSpace. “We want to offer ways for our partners to be able to fill their cups and be able to provide the best service to guests.”

“Global Wellness Day is the perfect kickoff to the launch of our wellness membership to the Partner Directory and eM Life mindfulness platform. This year’s GWD theme #thinkmagena is all about reminding people that living well begins in the mind,” added Alberico. “Our goal is to make wellness accessible for practitioners by providing them live and on-demand programs led by expert mindfulness teachers. “

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