5 OSKIA Treatments From Skibo Castle's Spa

The Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle swimming pavilion
Courtesy of @skibocastle

The Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle has partnered with OSKIA to provide five specialized treatment offerings to guests. Skibo Spa is now offering five OSKIA treatments:

  • OSKIA Signature Glow Facial with LED light 
  • OSKIA Revitalising Facial
  • Luxury Face and Body Treatment 
  • Renaissance Body Glow 
  • Warm Oil Massage

OSKIA is a cosmeceutical brand that specializes in bio-cellular skin nutrition. Facial treatments are designed to instantly boost skin health, improve tone and texture, and deliver an immediate natural glow. Body treatments use potent bio-active ingredients to detoxify, smooth and holistically restore the mind, body and soul.


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