Soy and Sunflower for Skin, Hair, Delivery and More


Naturally derived additions to our online Cosmetics & Toiletries Bench Reference (CBR) directory include a range of soy- and sunflower-based ingredients from VAV Lipids Pvt. Ltd.

These offerings are part of the company's Leciva range of multifunctionals. For more information, see the company's listings in our free online directory.

Soy Ingredients

Leciva-90 (INCI: Phospholipids) is a polyunsaturated, high-purity phosphatidylcholine-enriched fraction of non-GMO soybean lecithin. It is recommended for cellulite treatment and controlled release/delivery.

Leciva-S12NF (INCI: Lecithin) serves anti-foam, co-emulsifier, detangler, emulsifier, hair conditioner and surfactant (amphoteric) properties.

Leciva-S25P (INCI: Phospholipids) is a de-oiled lipophilic lecithin powder is derived from non-GMO soybean oil. It acts as a co-emulsifier, delivery system, emulsifier, powder  and surfactant (amphoteric).

Leciva-S70, S75 and S80 (INCI: Phospholipids) are polyunsaturated phosphatidylcholine-enriched fractions of non-GMO soybean lecithin. Their functions include controlled release and delivery.

Leciva-SMAP (INCI: Lysolecithin) is an oil-free, hydrophilic soya lecithin powder obtained by hydration, drying and further processing. It can serve as a co-emulsifier, delivery system, emollient, emulsifier, humectant, moisturizer, powder and surfactant (amphoteric).

Sunflower Ingredients

Leciva-M25P (INCI: Phospholipids) is a phospholipid mixture derived from enriched sunflower lecithin of non-GMO origin. It acts as a co-emulsifier, delivery system, emulsifier, powder and surfactant (amphoteric).

Finally, Leciva M70 (INCI: Phospholipids) is a polyunsaturated phosphatidylcholine-enriched fraction of sunflower lecithin for controlled release and delivery applications.

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