NYFW Trend Report: Modu and Mimi New York

February 6th, marked the second Manufacture New York Launch collective runway show with a NYFW 2014 Presentation including designers Minnoji, Modu and Mimi New York.  LAUNCH combines a state-of-the art runway with luxurious retail and showroom space where designers can show their latest collection on the runway, under the best lighting and sound conditions, to fashion’s top press, wholesale buyers, loyal customers and VIPs. 
Global Fashion Week Stylist, Marco Vogt expertly headed the hair team to design the creative coifs for Modu and Mimi New York. The hair tools used were provided by Eva NYC.
It was super busy where all the hair and makeup magic was being performed with so many things going on at once. As with any show, several models stray in at the end creating a crazy bustle of action to get everyone completed on time. This is part of the excitement and adrenaline rush that is part of the Fashion Week experience.
Key Hair Artist, Marco Vogt pictured with team member Sherri Jessee.
Makeup Artist Extraordinaire Daniel K led his team to create the distinct makeup looks. Makeup was provided by Paint Cosmetics and the artists were generously comped unique back packs by Spray Ground
Daniel K pictured working with a model.
The designing duo, Modu, menswear designer Yuteng Mo, who loves tailoring, and womenswear designer Shlchao Du, who prefers clean lines, teamed up for the first time for this collection featuring contemporary shapes. 
Modu designers Yuteng Mo and Schichao pictured with a model. 
The Makeup Look for the Modu models featured masculine matte contours with a nude lip, heavy brows, and an accent of a few individual lashes added to the outer corners of each eye.
Backstage pic of Modu makeup look.
The hair for the Modu presentation was smoothed back into pony tails. They were secured by a long strand of elastic that was wound around multiple times to enable the pony to stand away from the head 2". The elastic was then covered by wrapping with the model's own hair. 
Action shot of Dennis Clendennen and Modu model.
Modu Models on the runway.
Mimi New York, presented the "metamorphosis" collection with elegant couture gowns and hand made shoes. Mimi’s aesthetic vision integrates the artistry of the past and establishes a sustainable future through the reuse of antique textiles to create one-of-a-kind, handmade, couture garments. 
The hair for Mimi New York was a tedious labor of love that was definitely worth the efforts. Small sections of hair were sprayed with Eva NYC Hold Me Tight Hairspray, and inserted into a foil. Each foil packette was then folded accordion style and heated with a flat iron. When the hair cooled the foils were removed to reveal a unique zig-zagged textured pattern. The hair was then lifted and pinned to create  triangular shapes with random strands elegantly dropping down. To add even more interest, a fishbone braid curved around on the top. 
Marco Vogt in full foiling action on Mimi New York model.
Mimi New York model showing off her uniquely textured hairstyle. 
For Mimi New York, the makeup look was ethereal with shimmering faces and dark gothic lips.
Mimi New York model, Paulena.
BTS foiling action shot.
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