Guest Blog: Holiday Bijou by Sam Villa

I love having a couple of go-to styles for the holiday season. Whether I’m at a show, behind the chair or a family member or friend asks me to do their hair, having a style I can create on the spot and do well makes life so much easier and makes the holidays shine for me.

This season, I’m inspired by accessories - they’re hot right now, and the holidays are the perfect time to have fun with sultry colors, sparkle and embellishment. I like accessories made with glass, ice, metal and rock that evoke luxury and glamour. The new glamour is about simple shapes that support drama and polished textured finishes. With this as inspiration, I’ve been looking at classic shapes in news ways to create innovative glamour. I took a classic Gibson and Chignon and put a holiday twist on them so they’re perfect for showing off holiday bling.
elp flatten and mold it into desired shape. Highlighting boards and even hangers covered with stocking work well.

Most women go the extra mile during the holiday season and do something different with their hair. These updos are perfect for showing off special jewelry, gem by gem. Not to mention, the Bijou Chignon is simple enough for a client to do at home with the right direction.

May your holidays be happy and bright!

- Sam

Geneva Cowen for Sam Villa – Hair/Color and Art Direction
Hair Assistants: George Garcia, Andrew Carruthers, Tina Calzaretta and Mary Urban
Shalem Mathew – Photographer, Mitch Kitter/Assistant
Paula J. Dahlberg – Makeup
Pascal Sauvageau and Jeremie Cote – Fashion Stylists

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