A to Z Beauty

Do you know your A,B,Cs of natural budget beauty? Check out these tips for clever beauty products from A to Z!

Apples: Apples contain Malic acid which act as a natural astringent.

Beets: Natural coloring in beets can act as a lip and cheek stain.

Coffee grinds: Research has shown that the caffeine in coffee grinds helps reduce unsightly cellulite.

Dual use products: 2 ended eyeliners, 3 in 1 hair elixers. Use body lotion as a hair cream. Choosing a product for more  than one use is always savvy.

Eggs: Yolks works for dry hair and the whites for oily hair.

Fluids: When the body is not hydrated it will pull moisture  from places like your skin.

Green tea: Chilled green tea bags help eliminate facial puffiness.

Honey: Honey works as one of the sweetest pore tightners you’ll use!

Ice cubes: Add lemon and olive oil to ice cubes to tighten pores.

Jojoba oil: Similar to our own bodies oils this natural antiseptic cleanses and moisturizes.

Kale: The Kale leaf is packed with vitamin k used in expensive products for healing scars.

Lemons: One of natures greatest beauty foods works as an excellent hair rinse, cleansing scalp and strengthening the cuticle.

Milk: Cleopatra bathed in it knowing the skin moisturizing qualities.

99 cents stores: Brands like Revlon, Sally Hansen and Bonne Belle are sold at this national outlet.

Olive Oil: Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, Italy’s export works for everything from a shaving cream to a vitamin rich hair mask.

Pomegranate: Use the beautiful red juice on cheeks and lips. The juice stimulates collagen production and contains fibro blasts which control your
skins collagen and elastin.

Question authority: read product labels and call company toll free numbers to learn more about what you are putting on your skin.

Red Grapefruit: High end beauty companies charge big bucks to include this natural toning and cleansing juice in their products as is contain lycopene, a free radical fighter.

Sleep: Sleep simply recharges your cells, celebrities like J Lo and Giselle often comment to the press that sleep is their beauty secret.

Toilet seat covers: Clean toilet covers act as perfect oil blotting tissues for the face.

Umbrellas: Using an umbrella to protect skin on a sunny day is not only smart but chic.

Vitamins: Certain vitamins work best for beauty – like C and E.

Witch Hazel:  Inexpensive and used for centuries to clean skin.

X is for sex: Sex stimulates endorphins and reduces stress, both resulting in a more relaxed look.

Yogurt:  live cultures found in vanilla and Greek are high in protein for glowing skin.

Zinc: A beauty Essential for cell growth, zinc is present in every cell in the body and is known for treating acne.

-Erika Somerfeld is a Los Angeles publicist and writer. Her website, Thebeautychannelstore.com, houses fun beauty products- all under $10! Follow her beauty tips on Twitter, @beautychannel10.

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