Blown Away With Damien Carney: Join the Team!

Lots of wonderful folks ask me how to break into an education/product company—I’m sure it seems a bit alien and unattainable, right? But let me tell you, loves, that there’s always room on board for amazing, motivated people; as long as you adjust your expectations (everyone starts at entry-level), and treat the process as you would any job hunt. 

·      Choose a company you respect and admire. You have to believe in the brand if you end up representing the brand.

·      Get on the computer and find the person in charge of education for that company. I think it’s always best to touch base with a phone call; but if the person is inaccessible or busy, shoot off a quick email and ask them when they might be able to speak with you. (Make yourself ever-so-flexible; chances are, they’re ultra-busy!)

·      Provide a professionally-copyedited, flawless resume. Highlight your salon work or any time you’ve been in the news; and promote yourself like crazy. In five minutes, they should know enough about you to take you to the interview level.

·      Be persistent…but not irritating.

·      Get real; most interviewers see right through charm and a fake agenda.  You’ll want to express in detail why you love what their company is currently doing, and honestly, humbly, and bluntly explain why you’d love to be a part of it.

·      If you are lucky enough to be asked to join a team, commit yourself to sharing your newfound knowledge with your salon team…so they, too, can learn the science of hair, the latest looks and color, and sharpen their own skills. Now that’s a leader!



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