Guest Blog: Goldwell Launches New Topchic and the P_CAT

Marianne Dougherty shares her experience at the launch of the new Goldwell Topchic and the P_CAT.


ncheon at The Modern, the chic restaurant at the Museum of Modern Art, where Goldwell introduced the next generation of Topchic, the company’s flagship color collection. Goldwell artists John Simpson and Dimitrios Tsioumas presented three models: a blonde, a brunette and a redhead, whose high-intensity color spoke for itself. Developed throughout countless applications and protected by more than 60 patents, the new technology behind Topchic Hair Color ensures flawless, even color that reveals the brilliance of every shade. Simpson calls it “liquid luxury,” and it’s an apt description. Tsioumas was impressed by how rich and creamy the formula is. “The spreadability is amazing,” he said.

So what’s new? For one thing, the Dye Penetration System delivers reliable, 100-percent grey coverage, while the innovative Intelligent Color System delivers the exact benefits needed to achieve optimal color results for each client, from repairing damage to equalizing porosity. Meanwhile, Cool Protect Technology delivers ultimate color stability, preventing off-tone fadage in a warm direction included in all cool brown and cool blonde shades). What’s more, patented Coenzyme Technology fortifies the outer hair structures to protect strands from damage and neutralizes free radicals to foster extraordinary color tonality. Finally, IntraLipid Technology replenishes lost lipids inside the hair, improving manageability. The company also introduced the new Professional Color Application Tool (P_CAT), which was developed by German and Japanese engineers to foster quicker, more convenient application thanks to its ergonomic design. It’s also ideal for regrowth application.—Marianne Dougherty

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