Tips and Tricks for Styling Thinning Hair

Tips and Tricks for Styling Thinning HairWhen we think of thinning hair, men usually pop into our minds. After all, 50% of men will experience some type of male pattern hair loss or significant thinning by 50 years old. But we generally don't think of women as suffering hair loss and thinning—but we should: Almost 30 million women in the U.S. suffer from it.

Seeing as they are the ones most likely to frequent your salons, you're in a position to help them care for it and make the most of what they've got. "I see hair loss in my salon every day," says celebrity stylist Thom Priano of GARREN New York Salon. "When a woman first starts to notice hair loss, the experience is incredibly emotional. Hair is a woman's crowning glory, but, unlike men, women don't expect to lose their hair."

According to Rogaine, by the time women notice thinning hair, they have already lost at least 50% of their hair. "It's important to have her seek treatment as soon as you or she notices the first signs of hair loss," says Priano.

Priano offers up these tips to help your ladies combat hair thinning and hair loss:

1. Offer up layers. No matter the hair texture, stick to minima layers, rather than heavy ones that can look flat.

2. Do a bang-up job. Consider cutting deep bangs to help mask thinning hair on the top of the head.

3. Create some chaos. Teach her how to create a zig-zag part and how to style a "messy" hairstyle.

4. Turn her on to haircolor. Lighter shades that are closer to her skin tone can actually help camouflage thinning hair. And, haircolor dye expands the hair shaft, which makes hair appear thicker.

(Source: Rogaine)


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