Tannin’ in the U.S.A.

As if I don’t already feel like the minority living in SoCal, with my super-fair complexion and brunette strands! Now that summertime’s just around the corner, blondes are getting blonder, the Brazilian’s once again all-the-rage in relation to—ahem—skincare, and self-tanning ads are once again thrusting themselves upon me. And while I never waver on my decision not to join the flaxen-haired flock (love the hue, but don’t think it works for me), I sometimes question the true paleness of my complexion. I don’t tan; after laying out on the beach for less than an hour, I turn a cheery hue of lobster-red, then return to my former fair-skinned state weeks later. Despite all of this, I love my skin—until I witness a bronzed goddess walking along the beach and flaunting what god (or an awesome salon or self-tanner) gave her.

Sigh. Do I join the bronzed clan? Retain my snow-white hue? I don’t know! Decisions, decisions…


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