The Loss of Alexander McQueen

The Loss of Alexander McQueenThe news of the death of Alexander McQueen is devastating to me. His work has pushed the boundaries of fashion past its comfortable bubble—perhaps this is why such fashion mavericks as the late Isabella Blow (his mentor) and Lady Gaga supported him. His rule-breaking outlook on style and construction has produced some of the most mindblowingly gorgeous dresses, and his attention to details—including the hairstyles he chose (often created by Guido Palau) for his runway shows—set him in a design stratosphere all of his own. He will dearly be missed by many, including people like myself, who eagerly waited to see what he would send down the be inspired, awed and appreciative of the talent that comes into this world, and sometimes leaves too soon.

I sorted through past collections of McQueen that I have on file; here are some of my personal favorites.

(Photos: Andreea Angelescu)

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