Black is the new Black! - This Week's Shear Genius

Faateema Ampey, Launchpad Guest Blogger

Shear Genius contestants were put the test by an African American clientele this week. The challenge, make teenage girls happy. Eeek!

Shortcut challenge: transform high school girls for their prom looks. All the the young ladies were African American. Kimberly Kimble was the guest judge. Kimberly has been known to tame the locks of many African American A listers such as Beyonce, Mary J Blige and Vanessa Williams. Janine and Brian dive right into the challenge. Jon and Brig both state they have no experience in this area and it shows. Brig decides to "fake it" through the task. Isn't that what she's been doing all season?! Faking it didn't impress Kimberly Kimble - Brig find herself in the bottom. Janine did a Gwen Stefani inspired style on her client that wins this challenge. I'd like to give Brian 2 thumbs up for a job well done also. Although his style looked a bit old school it was technically flawless.

Elimination Challenge: Groom guest for a VIP release party for Estelle! Estelle is a Grammy award winning songstress who is known not only for her music but her unique sense of style. For this party she wanted her guests to have the 6o's flair that inspired the album. Janine dives in and chose a black model and transforms her into a Diana Ross inspired "Mahogany". Janine wins the challenge and makes Faatemah proud. Brian goes home with the worst version of Edie Sedigwck ever! Brian awesome rambling and constant misuse of the English language will be missed.

60's inspiration in 2010 can be seen in many ways. Vintage jewelry never goes out of style. I am a big fan of the oversized cocktail rings and they are so IN. There is a big resurgence of vintage designer eye wear. Nicole Richie just added an eyewear to her House of Harlow collection, Inspired by her love of the 60's. House of Harlow can be found at never know where the paparazzi may be lurking. Over size shades are a must for every Diva.

Faatemah fun facts:

Janine was my personal stylist on more than one occasion while filming the show. I knew she would ace the challenge. Brigg stated the she would be "challenged" in the area. I personally think Brigg is just "challenged". I found Jon's over sized personality quite charming while he was a pill for some of the other contestants. Jon was just happy to be there and took nothing for granted. Matthew loves hair so much he will most certainly come back as a round brush! Brian never had clothes on when we were not filming. He had an awesome appreciation for his body and so did we;-)

4 contestants are left Matthew, Janine, Brigg and Jon. Who will be the next Shear Genius? The judges will decide. Who will be the Fan Favorite? YOU decide! Go to and cast your vote. I'm voting for the cute brown girl.

Stay tuned for the next hair raising episode!

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