Brand New - This Weeks Shear Genius

Camilla challenges our final 4 contestants with styling her hair. She was very particular about how she wanted them to approach her hair. She accused Matthew of not taking clean enough sections in the back of her head. We've all had this client before...the client with eyes in the back of their head. Brig does yet another style that has a ponytail structure, yawn. Janine doesn't impress Camilla with her blow dry technique but the end result of her style is great. Jon burns Camilla, not good. Matthew wins the challenge as a result of masterfully smoothing Camilla's edges which is her biggest pet peeve.

The renowned Orbie is guest judge for the elimination challenge! The judges are looking for the signature style of each contestant. A photo shoot will capture each stylist and their models with looks that best represents their brand. Matthew and Brig are on top for this challenge. Brig wins this challenge. Brig did a great job of defining her style which in her words is "unwearable on the street". Jon's "Rock n Roll yet beautiful falls flat for the judges. Camilla goes so far as to call his styling average! Obviously she was still suffering from her burn symptoms. Jon is sent packing. He leaves with a smile on his face skipping out, happy to have had this amazing experience. Jon we will miss your sexy tattoos, high energy and priceless one liners.

A brand embodies everything you stand for and everything that your customers can stand behind. Brand Identity shapes Perception and Perception determines sales. What are you selling? YOU!!! Personal branding, by definition, is the process by which we market ourselves to others. Why is branding so important? It's what separates you or your product from everyone else. Branding gives you value and credibility to the consumer. Knowing and understanding my brand has brought me tremendous success in the beauty industry. As an artist I feel that my images are my voice. An image can speak volumes! There is a saying a picture is worth a thousand words. Trust me, the world is listening!

We are left with the final 3 and ONE episode away from finding out who will be the next Shear Genius! Tune in next week to see Brig, Matthew and Janine duke it out for the coveted crown. I promise this is the episode you do not want to miss. If you like roller coasters this is the ride for you.

My photo shoot with Jon!

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